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The New Little Black Dress

“The little black dress must be sensual, diaphanous, exotic, lush, frivolous...but above all, it must be simple and little and black." - Carolina Herrera

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Sneak Preview: Fall 2019 Collection

It may be summertime, but fall is right around the corner! We love the fall season and the gorgeous color palette it gifts us with. To help you start planning...

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Behind the Scenes: Up Close & Personal with CA Model Victoria Castillo

For this installment of our spotlight series, we’re excited for you to meet Victoria Castillo, one of our models who is beautiful both inside and out. In addition to being...

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How to Take Your Measurements

Not sure how to properly take your measurements? Don’t worry, it’s much faster and simpler than you may realize. And, to make it even easier, we’ll walk you through the...

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5 Must-Have Spring Dresses & Jumpsuits

With spring on the horizon, we’re excited to share 5 must-have spring dresses and jumpsuits to get you off to a great start with your shopping for the season. Just...

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Work Style: Dresses & Jumpsuits for an Interview

Getting ready for a big interview? You’ve probably spent hours researching the company, creating a list of questions and even doing mock interviews with family members or friends. Next, you’ll...

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