About Us

Our Dresses

At Connected Apparel, we want you to look and feel fabulous at every moment. That’s why our dresses are constructed from easy-care, beautiful fabrics that glide over the body. Designed for the contemporary woman, our affordable dresses range from timeless silhouettes to trend-forward show stoppers that flatter and fit all body shapes and sizes. Our unique prints, impeccable construction and modern fashion vision make each of our dresses the right choice. With Connected Apparel, you’ll always feel comfortable and confident.

Our Story

Founded in 2000, Connected Apparel is a family owned and operated force, creating stylish and affordable dresses with a flawless fit that is achieved from decades of experience. The two most important things to us are dresses and family. We all know what a dress is - the definition is universal - but to us, family is more than just relatives.
So while owner Jay Balaban and his daughter Leanna come from a family with more than 70 years of experience in the dress business, they are only one branch of the Connected Apparel family tree. Our family includes the seasoned designers and industry experts at Connected Apparel. Dresses are in our DNA and together we’re reinventing the dress business one well-dressed woman at a time. 

Welcome to the family. Get to know more about us here.