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Wedding Style Guide: What to Wear When You're the Bride

You said yes to the ring, now it’s time to get this party started!

Start your journey down the aisle with a surplus of wedding inspiration from Connected Apparel and watch your big day come to life before your eyes!

Terri is wearing the Gracie dress. Available for purchase starting March 1, 2022.

Newly engaged? Congratulations! The wedding-related events are only just beginning — and may even start soon after you’ve said ‘yes!’ No matter how or where you’re celebrating your bride-to-be status, an outfit worthy of the guest of honor (YOU, of course!) is obviously in order — and we’ve got ideas for what to wear to every bridal and wedding event leading up to the big day.

Weddings aren’t just “the big day” anymore — they’re weekend-long affairs with welcome drinks, rehearsal dinners, day-of activities and farewell brunches. Even celebrations that don’t require a plane ticket are packed with festivities.

You already know you need that white dress, but what about all the other outfits for the weekend? The team at Connected Apparel is here to help you navigate through all of the wedding festivities and find the perfect bridal dress or jumpsuit under $100! This is your moment to shine, so throw out the rulebook and have some fun!

A few tips to consider when choosing bridal attire and a wedding dress

Every bride wants to find the perfect bridal attire and wedding dress that makes her feel beautiful. Take some things into consideration when choosing a bridal style to narrow the options. This allows you to find the right outfits for you with the least fuss and bother.

1. Start with a budget!

Before choosing a bridal outfit or wedding dress, set your budget. You need to know how much you can afford to spend, including alterations and accessories. The best thing about bridal dresses and jumpsuits from Connected Apparel is that they’re all under $100! Talk about a steal! 

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2. Consider the event's location.

Location matters. For a beach wedding, you don’t want anything too formal or with a long train. If you’re celebrating at a fancy restaurant or hotel, you can opt for something more elegant.

━━━━━ ▼ ━━━━━

3. Consider the event’s time of day.

Opt for dressy casual attire for events held during the day and cocktail attire for events held during the evening and into the night. 

━━━━━ ▼ ━━━━━

4. Consider the season the event is going to be held in.

If the bridal or wedding event is being held in Spring, you can opt for shorter, lighter dresses. If the event is being held in the Winter, you might want to consider some coat or outerwear options.

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5. Shop for your bridal outfits early.

Don’t leave choosing outfits to the last minute. It can take months to choose the perfect dress for the big event and all the other events surrounding the big day! Also, don’t forget to consider the amount of time it will take to have alterations completed. 

━━━━━ ▼ ━━━━━

6. Choose styles that flatter your body type.

Determine what body shape you have and opt for styles that complement your body shape. For example, pear-shaped brides do well with styles that draw attention to their upper body while rectangular-shaped brides should look for styles that help create definition at their waists. 

━━━━━ ▼ ━━━━━

7. Don’t forget to take comfort into account.

No matter how beautiful a dress looks on you, you won’t be happy if you’re uncomfortable. Pick a bridal style or wedding dress that is both comfortable and flattering.

Olivia (left) is wearing the Turner dress and Jordan (right) is wearing the Tina dress, available for purchase starting March 1, 2022.

Whether you’re working with specific styles, a certain color palette, or going off-book with something entirely unique, you set the tone and call the shots! Keep reading for more! 

What to Wear for Your Engagement Party

Let's raise a toast to your engagement — and to looking amazing at your engagement party!

The engagement party is all about celebrating the important event with friends and family, so you should be feeling great! Typically, brides wear cream or white dresses that are shorter than the traditionally full-length wedding dress. Most engagement parties have a cocktail dress code, which requires knee-length or shorter dresses and high heels.

That said, you set the rules and the dress code, so wear whatever you're most comfortable wearing! Everyone will be looking at your engagement ring so use a less-is-more approach to accessorizing and have a bit more fun with your dress option.

The Tina cowl neck dress that will have you feeling comfortable and confident no matter the occasion.

This is your time to shine! 

This is your big day and the most important thing is that you are happy, comfortable and confident in the bridal styles you decide to wear. 

Lene is wearing the Sunny jumpsuit.

Whatever events you have planned leading up to the big day, choose styles that make you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t feel like you have to rush in order to pick outfits for this momentous event. Take your time and make sure all of the pieces make you happy.

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  • Victoria Addington
    Victoria AddingtonNovember 09, 2023

    My niece is engaged and has been asking for assistance in selecting her wedding dress. It’s fortunate that I came across your article because you noted that while picking one to consider the wedding location, one should take into account whether it will be on the beach for a flowy appearance. I’ll make sure to let her know about this so she can keep it in mind and look into bridal dress shops we can go to to try on several gowns.

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