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7 Reasons to Love CA Dresses & Jumpsuits

Who are we?

Our owner Jay Balaban and his daughter Leanna come from a family with more than 70 years of experience as dressmakers and designers. But Jay and Leanna are only one branch of our family tree. The Connected Apparel family also includes all of our seasoned designers, industry experts, and, of course, you.

Tejera is wearing the Lisa 2.0 in cobalt blue.

Reasons you will love Connected Apparel dresses and jumpsuits! 

From sophisticated designs to budget-friendly styles and extended sizes, there are many reasons to love good quality clothing brands like Connected Apparel! With a focus on design, quality, and fit, our dresses, jumpsuits and separates will make you feel at ease in any situation.

Looking beyond the clothes, our team is determined to create the best experience for you! We strive to make the shopping experience simple and personal and make you truly feel like you’re part of the family.

Continue reading to find out why women all over the country love Connected Apparel, according to our fit model, Terri.

Adriana is wearing the Elsa dress in taupe.

1. Designed with women in mind

“As every woman knows, our bodies are constantly changing. And we take that into consideration here at Connected Apparel. When I’m fitting a dress, I’m always thinking about a woman’s curves and how no two women’s bodies are the same. Sometimes I’ll ask for a little extra room here or less there so that we’re designing a dress that’s not just made for my body only.”

From timeless silhouettes to trend-forward showstoppers, all of our dresses and jumpsuits are designed with you in mind. The variety of lengths, silhouettes, and fabrics we offer allows you to pick a piece that will make you feel the most comfortable. Whether you are looking for a casual, night out, or special occasion look, we have a style for you. Our dresses, jumpsuits and separates feature details that create a figure flattering fit for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. We believe that fashion should empower you and boost your confidence, which makes Connected Apparel one of the best places to buy dresses online. 

To help you choose the perfect silhouette for your body, check out our style guide on how to determine and dress for your body shape.

Cindy is wearing the Gloria jumpsuit in black and Adriana is wearing the Sunny dress in black.

2. Everything is under $100

“During fittings, we’re always looking at the construction of the dress and finding ways that we can make each piece as affordable as possible without compromising the fit and style of the dress. Sometimes, that means taking out a zipper, and honestly, I’m ok with that because I know a lot of us don’t have long arms to zip ourselves up every day!” 

What is the Connected Apparel brand if it's not a quality item for a good deal? There is nothing we all love more than giving you just that. Connected Apparel has dresses, jumpsuits and separates for any occasion all under $100. As an added cherry on top, shop our sale section for styles up to 65% off the original price! While Connected Apparel focuses on the design, quality, and fit of all our styles, we also focus on selling these quality pieces at an affordable price.

Stay connected and join our newsletter to immediately receive a 15% off code, but also to receive exclusive offers throughout the year. 

Karla is wearing the Sheryl jumpsuit in ivory.

3. We’re obsessed with quality

“When fitting a garment, I’m always considering how it feels on my body. To me, nothing says quality more than a dress or jumpsuit that doesn’t pucker, holds me in without making me feel constricted and feels great to the touch.” 

Our pieces are impeccably constructed from easy-care, beautiful fabrics that glide over the body. Quality does not go unnoticed at Connected Apparel and our main goal is to allow women to feel their very best in their clothes. With this, we want to provide our customers with closet staples that will last a lifetime. Our dresses and jumpsuits are well-made garments and this means they are also easy to take care of. The one key requirement for every fabric we use is that it will never require dry cleaning. And that’s why women consider Connected Apparel to be a good quality clothing brand. 

Don’t forget to read the clothing care and laundry symbols guide to learn more on how to properly understand a care label and make sure your garments last a lifetime. 

Jordan is wearing the Astrid dress in black.

4. Our styles are are made for all body shapes and sizes

“Over the 20 years I’ve been Connected Apparel’s regular fit model, I’ve noticed how our idea of a woman’s body shape has changed, and I think it’s changed for the better. We consider areas of the body that many women don’t love and design styles to help accentuate other areas so that women of any body shape and size feel confident in our clothing.”

Our designs flatter and fit all body shapes and sizes so you feel confident and empowered. Finding clothes that perfectly complement your body can be a frustrating process for many women. We aim to dissolve these complications by focusing on designing styles that both match your style and flatter your figure whether you’re looking for regular, petite, or plus size pieces. Feel comfortable and confident in your clothing by embracing your shape and building a wardrobe full of trendy and flattering styles.

Pick silhouettes to best suit your body type by reading our 4 plus size silhouettes blog post and 4 petite size silhouettes blog post.

Terri is wearing the Sara jumpsuit in black, Leanna is wearing the Sheryl jumpsuit in black, and Cindy is wearing the Gloria jumpsuit in black.

5. Customers love us

“As I’m not just a fit model, but also the Assistant to the CEO, I see every email that comes in from our customers (he does too!). It truly makes our week to know how much women love the Connected Apparel brand.” 

While our website launched in 2018, Connected Apparel has been in stores since 2000. So, many of you may have had a Connected Apparel piece or two in your closet over the past 22 years. And once we launched the website, we were so excited to connect with you more personally and become the place where to buy dresses online. Now that we are online, we strive to make sure every customer feels like they are a part of the CA family. 

One of our favorite things to do is read through our customer reviews, and some of our favorites include:

“I bought two outfits and am completely thrilled with both. The quality and fit are amazing! The customer service??? Are you kidding me - I am amazed at the responsiveness and care they provide! Even the packaging the items came in was pristine! My new "go-to" place!” 

- Denise

“I LOVE THIS. It has just enough stretch, so it's less challenging to get in/out of than many other jumpsuits. It can be dressed up or down really well. If it weren't sold out I'd buy a second one.”

- Bridget

“10 years ago I wore a size 24 wedding dress (tightly). I've lost 130 pounds in the past 2 years and I had to get something for a January wedding. I found the Grace dress online and bought it. The only thing that's wrong with it is that I can't wear it every day!!! I feel so beautiful when it's on and I haven't even done my hair or makeup yet!!”

- Jennifer

Tejera is wearing the Sunny dress in black.

6. You’re part of the family

“A fun fact that I like to share with people is that many of us have been working with our CEO Jay Balaban for nearly 40 years. Personally, I’ve been his right-hand for 36 years and counting. I feel like this small fact speaks leaps and bounds about what the Connected Apparel brand is all about.”

Our Team CA mantra is “Welcome to the family!” and we mean it! Customers like you are what make us come into work everyday with a smile on our face. We want to connect with you and let you know how much we appreciate you. That’s why in every order, you will find a personalized, handwritten note from our Connected Apparel team. We package your items as if it were a gift for a family member. We also like to connect with our customers through social media, texting, email, and even through our rewards program, The Connection

Stay connected with us by joining our texting family and getting exclusive offers and news sent straight to your phone! 

Jackie is wearing the Caroline dress in white and black.

7. We’re here to help!

“On the other end of our email is myself and Leanna Balaban, our CEO’s daughter and our Marketing & E-Commerce director. Between the two of us, we know every style, every fit and love helping you find the perfect size that will keep you feeling comfortable and confident. And if you haven’t chatted with her already, Leanna answers every customer service inquiry and is here to help you recognize that Connected Apparel is one of the best places to buy dresses online.”

Whether you have a question about your order or sizing, we are here to help! We make ourselves available because your feedback and needs matter. Message us through email or social media and we’ll reply to you within 24-48 hours, or by the following Monday. With the many forms of contact, we hope that we can make your experience with us as simple and enjoyable as possible! 

If you are looking for styling advice, clothing fit or fashion advice in general, check out our many blogs written with our customers in mind. 

Leanna is wearing the Lisa 2.0 dress in black and Adriana is wearing the Sunny dress in black.

"We want you to look and feel fabulous at every moment."

Connected Apparel was founded on the basis of connection; the connection between past and present, family and colleagues. When we say dresses are running through our DNA, we mean it. Since the year 2000, Connected Apparel has helped women of all shapes, sizes, and ages look fabulous with our women's dresses, jumpsuits, and separates. From stylish & affordable work wear to sleek floor-length special occasion dresses, making women feel comfortable & confident has been our mission for 22 years.

We hope that hearing directly from our fit model, Terri – the person who literally tries on every dress, jumpsuit and separates we make at Connected Apparel – you feel more confident in shopping with us and that you have a better understanding of what the Connected Apparel brand is. 

Terri is wearing the Amanda jumpsuit in leopard.

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