Our History

Connected Apparel was founded on the basis of connection; the connection between past and present, family and colleagues. We are the result of CEO Jay Balaban bridging the gap between his rich family history in the garment industry and his seasoned colleagues who are like his family too. When we say dresses are running through our DNA, we mean it.

The History

Over 70 years ago, Jay’s family began their journey in the business. His maternal grandmother was a sample maker and his paternal grandfather owned a textile company in New York City. Their respective trades were passed on to their children, Jay’s parents. Jay’s father, Eddie, worked for his father at the textile mill while his mother, Sobel, went to Parsons School of Design to became a dress designer. At some point in this story, Sobel and Eddie met, got married and ultimately passed down that garment industry gene to their son, Jay.

It wasn't until the mid 1960s when Jay’s story in the industry truly began. Eddie had retired from textiles and opened a women’s retail store called Teen Scene. Jay would help clean the stores, organize stock and drive merchandise between their three stores on Long Island. After closing Teen Scene in 1975, things get a little more complicated and paths begin to cross with Jay’s extended family (his colleagues) so we’ve laid things out in a timeline for you:

We’re so excited to have you here with us! Now that you know a little more about Connected Apparel, are you ready to start exploring? Browse our dresses and jumpsuits and stay tuned for more style tips and surprises.

  • Deborah Ann Kushihashi says...

    Dearest Connected Apparel. I absolutely LOVE your dresses. I have been wearing your dresses for about 10 years. I own about 15 dresses and they are my main go to dress for work. I love the look, style, colors and fit. The dresses all look great, feel great on, look great and wash and wear very well. Thank you for making such an awesome product. I love Connected Apparel dresses.
    Debbie Kushihashi

    On February 19, 2019

  • Blanca says...

    You website appeared on my Instagram story, while I love many of the dresses I saw, I would like to try them on before purchasing. Do you have store(s) in NY, preferably on Long Island?

    On February 04, 2019

  • Rosie says...

    Hello, in 2016 I went op shopping in Watford London – while my daughters were attending the Harry Potter Museum; we were on our way to France for 6 weeks to enjoy a holiday, partially paid for by a prize that my daughter won in our local shopping centre. I had packed in a hurry and a flurry and really only had the basics in my suitcase! I bought one of your dresses, for about eight GBP and grabbed a few items to go with it (scarf, jumper, throw). Returning to Australia, as we live in Hobart Tasmania, my Connected Apparel dress has stayed a real favourite. I have been trying to buy dresses a similar weight and style ever since – but -without much luck! (Just the one so far! Different brand too). Do you have a stockist/ distributor in Australia please? If not, then two of my favourite chains here are “Noni B” and “W Lane” both of which I think would have buyers who would find our designs very appealing. I bought a size 16 dress, and I am going to persevere with my searching, but it just sits so nicely, never wrinkles and I always feel confident in this dress. I don’t work for a marketing company or anything like it – actually I am a school teacher! So, thanks for designing and making a lovely product and please make my Christmas by writing back and telling me that you do have an outlet I can purchase from on the Easter seabord here somewhere? I am worried about the cost of freight if I buy online,. Merry Christmas, Rosie, Hobart, Australia

    On December 17, 2018

  • Kathleen says...

    Beautiful dresses great prices!!! Can’t wait to place my first order.

    On December 10, 2018

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