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Timeless Summer Trends You Actually Need

With Summer nearly here, many are eager to update their wardrobe with the latest trends. After Spring cleaning, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of space, especially if you rid yourself of last year’s trends.  This time around, ensure you’re selective about trends that stand the test of time. Our focus is on chic styles that effortlessly blend current trends with an enduring appeal.

This season, look forward to matching sets, soft pinks, graceful Grecian draping, and refreshing greens. Let's look at what we have in store to keep you on trend for this season on many to come.

Millennial Pink

The color millennial pink gained its name from its peak popularity in the 2000’s. Now that it has made its comeback in various soft, light shades of pink. This versatile hue will manifest in various textures and lengths of fabric. Take, for example, our new Maeve Top in a gentle rose tone, effortlessly adding a subtle pop of pink to skirts, shorts, or pants. The Penny Dress in Dusty Rose offers a light pink hue with a delicate silver sheen for those seeking something dressier. This is ideal for occasions like casual church gatherings, weddings, or relaxed brunch outings.

Pistachio Green

Apart from the Airy Pink, another delightful and softer shade to explore is the Pistachio Green trend. While green isn't a new addition to the color palette, this specific hue brings a refreshing twist to your wardrobe. Whether you opt to layer it with other garments, complement it with florals, or pair it with coordinating colors, Pistachio Green offers a versatility that allows it to dress it up or dress it down for any season, depending on your personal style choices. The Ari Wrap Dress is a summer sensation in Sage also known as Pistachio Green. The fun mosaic print dress has short sleeves for a casual yet chic look. You can also mix and match the of shades Pistachio with our Maeve top in Dusty Sage.

Matching Sets

Coordinated matching sets for women are gaining popularity, particularly this summer. Renowned fashion houses such as Staud and Vivienne Westwood have spotlighted their matching blazer ensembles at NYFW. Embracing this trend, our Brooke and Beverly set offers versatile options for spring, summer, and fall. These sets feature cropped jacket and pants set, which serve as excellent fall and summer wardrobe staples individually,  but are even better together. You can wear this set with your favorite flats or heels to work or even sneakers on the weekend, For more summertime fun, pair the easy slip-on Brooke pants with your favorite top (like Maeve), for a comfy chic look.

Grecian Draping

Another enduring trend in fashion is the art of draping, especially when it comes to dresses. In ancient Greek clothing, garments were often made from rectangular pieces of fabric that were draped and pinned or belted to create various styles of tunics, robes, and dresses. This technique is adept at accentuating curves, particularly around the midsection, creating a flattering look. Additionally, layered draping can effectively camouflage areas one may wish to conceal while adding texture and depth, ensuring a graceful and refined appearance. This is likely why our Lisa dress is our best seller. The faux wrap detail creates a dress with draping that accentuates the curves you love while discreetly concealing the ones you don't.

As we explore the latest summer fashion trends, it's clear that some styles stand the test of time, effortlessly blending seasonal freshness with timeless appeal. From the graceful art of draping to the subtle charm of pistachio pink and the easy elegance of matching sets, these staples offer versatile options for every wardrobe. Adding a touch of airy pink adds a whimsical yet sophisticated touch to any summer look. Embracing these enduring trends ensures a wardrobe that's both effortlessly chic and delightfully on-trend throughout the sunny months ahead.

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