Help Solve the Fashion Waste Crisis

Shopping preloved items and closet clean-outs moves us one step closer to a circular fashion future.

Since 2000, our pieces have proven to be durable and made to last, so we want them to live many lives. We’ve partnered with thredUP to help you get ReConnected with preloved Connected Apparel styles and get rewarded for cleaning out your closet. 

We’ve re-claimed preloved Connected Apparel items for you to shop at up to 90% off through thredUP.

Need to clean out your closet first? Give your clothing a second life by selling them through thredUP and earn an extra 15% when you redeem your earnings as Connected Apparel credit.



Discover helpful tips and tricks for decluttering your closet, all while earning Connected Apparel credit!

How to Clean Your Closet

Spring has almost sprung and for many that means Spring cleaning! Seasonal cleaning is a great way to get a fresh start when packing away bulky Winter clothes and pulling...

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Have more questions?

Do I shop for preloved Connected Apparel items on Connected Apparel’s website? 

All preloved items are listed on thredUP and will have to be purchased through them. You can start shopping here!

I’ve chosen to clean out my closet. What can I expect once I’ve sent my items to thredUP?

Once you’ve activated your shipping label and mailed your items to thredUP, it can take up to two weeks for your shipment to be delivered. You will receive an email from thredUP once they receive your package. Once your kit has been processed, you will receive a second email outlining the items that have been accepted for consignment and their pricing. Your eligible items will be listed for a 30-day consignment window, and you'll earn M.M.LaFleur credit based on what sells in that time frame.

What will my payout be? 

The pricing of your listed items is based on various factors including brand, style, condition, size, and overall salability. Some value brands are ineligible for a payout.

When will I receive my Connected Apparel credit? 

After your 30-day consignment window ends, thredUP will send an email notifying you of your total payout including the 15% credit bonus. You will receive an email with your credit code within 10 days of receiving the thredUP payout email.

What happens if my items are not accepted by thredUP?

Items in good condition that do not meet thredUP’s resale standards may be sold to customers as part of their Rescue program. Otherwise, unsellable items are sold to third party partners who recycle, upcycle, and otherwise ethically dispose of apparel.

Additional questions? 

Please visit thredUP’s FAQ page.