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How to Clean Your Closet

Spring has almost sprung and for many that means Spring cleaning! Seasonal cleaning is a great way to get a fresh start when packing away bulky Winter clothes and pulling out your light warm weather outfits. However, a cluttered closet can not only be visually unappealing, but it can also make it difficult to find what you're looking for. It also adds unnecessary stress to your daily routine.

While the task of spring cleaning your closet can be a tedious hassle and it's sometimes hard to know where to start, we have a few tips to help get you through it. With a little bit of effort and a few simple steps, you can transform your cluttered closet into a functional and stylish space. Here are four steps to help you clean out your closet.

Step 1: Purge!

As you go through your closet, you may re-discover gems which are items you thought you lost or have forgotten to mix in your usual wardrobe.

However, it may be time to let some items go, like styles that have gone unworn for more than a few years or are now out of style. This is why purging is the most important part of cleaning your closet for spring so that there is room to update your look and merge them with staple pieces.

Make two piles of clothes, shoes, and accessories each. One is for items you want to keep, the other is for items that are no longer serving their purpose.

Keep your basics like plain t-shirts, jeans and leggings Hold on to items you have purchased in the last few months Save pieces that you wear on repeat or that are your absolute favorites Haven’t worn it in a year or two? TOSS IT! You still haven’t fixed that missing button, unraveled hem, or patched up that hole? LET IT GO! Were you a victim to a two month fast fashion trend? ADD IT TO THE PILE!

Jackie is cleaning out her Connected Apparel wardrobe using Thred Up.

Step 2: Fold and Sort

Folding and sorting your clothes is a crucial step in maintaining an organized closet.

Start this by taking from your “keep” pile and grouping similar items together by category to hang or fold i.e. denim, sweaters, loungewear, dresses, etc. Once all your items are folded or ready to hang, keep in mind the season. In the case of spring cleaning, remove all heavy winter items that will not be worn and pack them in storage bins or airlock bags, this leaves plenty of space to prevent clutter.

Jackie is folding and sorting her clothes to maintain an organized closet.

Step 3: Clean and complete

Before placing clothing and accessories back in the closet, don’t forget to dust and wipe down your surfaces.

Wiping down your closet before placing your clothing back in during spring cleaning is an important step as it helps to eliminate any dust, dirt, and grime that may have accumulated over time. This not only ensures a clean and fresh environment for your clothes, but also helps to prevent any potential allergens or bacteria from spreading.

Additionally, wiping down your closet can also help to prolong the life of your clothing by removing any potential sources of discoloration or wear. So, take a few extra minutes to grab a damp cloth and wipe down the shelves, drawers, and surfaces of your closet before putting your clothes back in. This small effort will pay off in a big way, as you enjoy a cleaner, fresher, and more organized space.

Step 4: Don’t dispose!

Donate your unwanted items to a thrift store or local shelter.

Don’t worry! We didn’t forget about the purge pile from step one! Instead of throwing away unwanted items, the best way to sustain the environment and help others in need is to donate your clothing to a thrift store or local shelter.

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Happy Spring cleaning!

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