Style Guide: What to Wear When You're Hosting a Party

With holiday celebrations in full swing, thinking about what to wear to YOUR party can be downright stressful. There are a lot of little details that go into hosting, whether it be a formal dinner, casual get together, or a festive family gathering. The detail that usually gets pushed to the last minute is what you are going to wear! Before you destroy your closet looking for the perfect host outfit, let us help you get it done in advance!

The Host Sets the Tone

As the host you, to pick the dress code! 

Check out our Dress Code, Decoded blog to read more on which dress code you want to go for. After that, read on to learn some helpful tips for what to wear when you’re hosting a holiday party. Dress comfortably. That doesn’t mean leggings and a sweatshirt (unless that's what you would prefer), but dress to make YOU feel comfortable and confident. Push aside the tight unforgiving jeans and opt for our soft stretchy palazzo pants from our CAxLZ collection. They are flowy, with sheer layer to create and effortless put together outfit. Don’t wear something too precious. Hosting means being in charge of the food, drinks, and just about everything else! Unless you have help with caterers and a clean up crew, don’t risk ruining your night over a stain on your favorite dress. Because of this owning a machine washable dress is important, this ensure a care-free experience during and after the party. The Bordeaux Lisa 2.0 dress is the perfect example of this, despite it’s delicate details you can throw it in washer.

Prevent a panic. Have at least 30 extra minutes before the party starts to prep yourself. Hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry, style yourself head to toe with a little extra time to make sure you feel you’re very best in your host outfit. If you anticipate being in a rush, grab a one-and-done jumpsuit like the Sara, Sheryl or many of our other jumpsuits

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Holiday Brunch

Think your normal weekend look, but dial it up a little.

Starting with the most low risk hosting event, you may need a holiday brunch dress. You still want to look cute without being too put together. Think your normal weekend look, but dial it up a little. Go for a more casual dress and add some trendy touches to complete the look. Start with the Brenna Balloon Sleeve Dress, a comfortable fabric in a festive color. Next, try a heels or booties, cute and trendy, but still comfortable! Finally, add some fun accessories and spend your day feeling your very best in your host outfit.

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Date Night In

You want to look dressed up, but you are still in the comfort of your own home.

In general, most people feel that figuring out what to wear for a date night in can be challenging to dress for. Even though sweat pants and a tee shirt would be the preferred look at home, dressing up for date night at home adds spice to the night. Go all out for date night and choose a sexy dress. Our recommendation would be the Lisa Polka Dot dress. A classic print dress that is easy to style and wear. Simply go for a low strappy heel and bold jewelry to add a little sparkle to your stay-in, date night look.

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Christmas Dinner

The Holidays are overwhelming, so take some stress out of your day by having a look ready to go.

After finishing your Holiday dinner setup, slip into a versatile silhouette like the Diane 2.0. For this holiday hostess outfit is red floral print, perfect for the season. Her wrap detail is a forgiving touch that will allow you to eat that extra Christmas cookie! Pair this dress with a black shoe, and silver accessories.

BUT…If you’re not the host, RSVP ‘yes’ to your next Holiday party and decide what to wear for the holidays with our Holiday style guide. And if you like style tips like these, make sure you sign up for our newsletter! We will notify you of new style guides, products and special promotions.

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NYE Party

New Year's Eve calls for sparkle, shimmer, and a bold host outfit!

Wear something that feels special on the last night of the year! New Year’s Eve calls for sparkle, shimmer and a bold look! Don’t be afraid to stand out on NYE. But as the host, still keep it moveable and functional. A new years eve sequin dress is a must have a hostess! To make it even better, you’re at home so if you need a quick touch up, just sneak away. Make your life a little easier, while still looking GREAT, by wearing the Sasha Raglan Dress. With the sequin detail, and a beautiful chiffon sleeves, she is the perfect NYE look. Pair her with gold or silver accessories and a red lip for a NYE look that will make everyone's head turn.

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Spend the Holidays in the Perfect Host Outfits

Create memories...and look great while doing it!

The biggest tip we can give you as the host is to be as prepared as possible. Don’t wear your entertaining host outfit while doing the cooking and prepping. Have your festive look ready to go and waiting in your wardrobe to quickly switch into. While you work towards having your home spotless and the conversational areas comfortable and of course the food delicious, make your focus on the people you are welcoming into your house.

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