Style Guide: How to Wear Sequin Lace for the Holidays & Beyond

Entering the Holiday season, some of us are in need of special occasion dresses made to be figure flattering while also letting us indulge in all of the yummy food and not showing it! Our sequin lace fabric is a tried-and-true customer favorite because it's eye-catching and gorgeous while still being malleable and non-restrictive, making it the perfect fabric for the holiday season!

What is Sequin Lace?

Sequin lace mixes a lace fabric with sequins. It is a heavier fabric that is still very slinky and moveable. It gives off that classy look we all love with a subtle shine. Sequin lace can be worn year round and is dressy without being over the top. It is an easy to wear fabric that makes you look good while still feeling comfortable. And while most special occasion dresses can be difficult to travel with due to the lack of being foldable, sequin lace dresses are the perfect travel companion. Fold a sequin lace dress, pack it away, and when you pull it out at your destination, it will still look brand new.

The sequin lace fabric that Connected Apparel uses is so special because of the way the sequins are attached. According to our Head Designer, Gloria, our sequins are applied with heat rather than being stitched on. This means there are no worries about catching or snagging the thread and having the sequins fall off. Our sequin lace fabric is made to keep you feeling comfortable throughout your event, day or night!

5 Reasons Why We Love Sequin Lace

  1. It’s perfect for the holidays and year-round special occasions. 
  2. It’s eye-catching without being too over the top.
  3. It’s a forgiving, stretchy fabric.
  4. It’s a classic material that will last you years.
  5. It’s perfect for designing an array of styles for any body shape and size.

How to Take Care of Sequin Lace Fabric

Advice from our Head of Production, Bobbi!

Our dresses made with sequin lace fabric should be hand washed in order to keep the material pristine and long lasting. While some may be able to be machine washed, we would recommend always hand washing your laces in cold water and laying them flat to dry. With the addition of the sequins, this makes the fabric a little more delicate and in order to keep the sequins shiny, it is very important to once again, wash in cold water and air dry.

If you want to know how best to care for your other Connected Apparel pieces, check out our clothing care guide.

Take Sequin Lace to a Holiday Party & Beyond!

Sequin lace is a classic fabric that makes for the perfect special occasion dress. We asked our fit models why they love our sequin lace fabric so much and they agreed that sequin lace is a simple fabric that features an extra pop! Our plus size fit model, Adrienne, said “it perfectly molds to your body and finds your shape without being too stiff.” While the fabric is a little heavier than others, it is still comfortable and makes you feel just as good as you look!

Tips for Wearing Sequin Lace

Sequin lace is simple with a touch of glam!

  • The lace sequin dress is your main accessory. Minimize the extra bling with minimal jewelry and additional accessories.
  • One sequin piece per outfit. Don’t wear a sequin jacket or shrug on top of a sequin dress as this can make the outfit too overwhelming.
  • Keep your shoes neutral. Let the lace sequin dress speak for itself, no need to over style the look with a bold shoe.
  • Keep your makeup subtle. Pair this bold but classy fabric with a simple glam look.

Our Favorite Sequin Lace Styles & How to Style Them

All eyes will be on you when the shimmering sequins captivate, so you want to make sure your lace sequin dress makes you look and feel your very best. We love our lace sequin dresses because of their subtle shimmer that resembles a starry night. This also makes styling lace sequin dresses simple. Subtle accessories are all you need to complete a sequin lace look. For the cherry on top, you will feel comfortable throughout your event with a fabric that does not itch or scratch, but rather beautifully glides over your body.

Don’t forget the dress code. You want to keep the formality of the occasion and venue in mind so you can choose the right amount of sequin goodness. A fancy wedding reception during cocktail hour, for example, calls for more sequin embellishments than a day of shopping with your friends. Avoid a sequin faux pas by saving the glamorous fully-sequined gowns for formal events and the short party dresses with subtle sequin accents for casual or semi-formal affairs. Dress right for the event by heading over to our Dress Codes blog to decode any dress code your invitation might request.

Take sequin lace to a company holiday party by choosing a dress like Cassie. The Cassie sequin lace sleeveless dress features an empire waistband that accentuates your figure while the front, asymmetrical panels add dimension. Subtle sequin lace dresses are the perfect choice for less formal events and parties.

Easy to style, just add a coat on top and some simple black heels. Complement the sequin lace by adding on simple silver accessories. Finally, complete the look with a black and silver clutch. If you are looking for more options like Cassie for your company Holiday party, check out our Holiday style guide.

Stand out this Holiday 2021 season with a bold pop of red sequin lace! The Isabelle red sequin lace flounce sleeve dress is a beautiful piece to take to a cocktail hour or semi formal event. Isabelle is an A-line dress with chiffon flounce sleeves that create the illusion of a more defined silhouette. The soft and flirty butterfly sleeves coupled with Isabelle's knee length make this an ideal red holiday dress. 

For a more subtle look, pair this dress with black heels and a black bag. For a more formal look, add on sparkling silver or gold accessories. If you love a bold red for the Holidays, check out our full collection of Holiday reds.

Finding a dress that fits perfectly on all body types can be difficult, but don’t worry, we found the one! The Lisa red sequin lace sleeveless long dress is a classic, figure flattering silhouette. This long dress features a scoop neck that highlights your collarbone and a faux wrap detail at the waist creates definition. Also, the tulip hemline adds an extra touch of femininity as well as the comfort you need to command the room. This sleeveless dress makes a formal dress look easy to wear and works for a variety of social occasions.

The Lisa silhouette is a fan favorite and because of its intricate and detailed design, it is easy to style. The bold red color pairs perfectly with silver. Add on a silver heel, a simple hoop earring, and complete the look with a sparkling bracelet. However, before styling, make sure your sequin dress fits you comfortably. Finding a size and design that complements your body type is key for showcasing your style in a sequin dress. Figure out your body type on our body shapes blog before picking out your staple sequin lace dress. 

Other Styles We Think You'll Love!

If you love sequin dresses, you’ll love these styles perfect for New Year’s Eve and other festive events that call for a little shine. Ring in the New Year with a night of celebration and sparkle. Dance the night away with all of the people closest to you by choosing new year’s styles that favor movement and comfort. Also, with all of the added sparkle comes simple styling. Stand out pieces deserve to shine on their own. Let New Year's dresses speak for themselves with simple shoes and accessories.

Make any holiday or New Year's Eve plans shimmer with Stevie’s stretch fabric and multicolor reflective sequins.


If you’re looking to mix it up with something other than sequin or lace, you’ll love these styles in unique fabrics. Add one more ounce of flair to an already bold fabric with chevron lace, a soutache bodice, or eyelash metallic detailing. Take on your next formal event in style and be prepared to have everyone asking about your look! While sticking to the classic sequin lace is just as beautiful, standing out in a unique and chic dress makes the occasion just as exciting!

Stevie’s stretch, zig zag, chevron lace fabric glides over the body, while the long chiffon sleeves of this lace dress provide subtle coverage. The dark emerald green color and chevron print adds a unique, beautiful touch for the 2021 Holiday Season.


If classic lace is more your type, you’ll love our best selling lace shrugs. They’re the perfect addition to complete your outfit all year long. Add a lace shrug on top of a simple outfit and watch how it transforms! Each shrug features its own unique lace detailing so that you can pick the one that calls out to you the most. A shrug is also the perfect way to provide a little extra arm coverage without feeling too restricted or uncomfortable.

Featuring a button front closure and three-quarter sleeves, Camille adds the perfect touch elegance to your outfit.


The Talula shrug features a scalloped hem, three-quarter length sleeves, and a cropped length.


Talula adds the perfect touch of elegance to your outfit without making you feel too restricted.


Ready to Give Sequin Lace a Try?

Whether you want a little glimmer to brighten your wardrobe or show-stopping glitz to captivate at formal events, use these tips on how to choose sequin lace dresses to make sure you stick to the fashion do’s (and avoid the fashion don’ts) for wearing lace sequin dresses. Take on the Holiday’s and all of your upcoming special occasions with a fashionable and chic sequin lace dress that can be worn year round. Start with a sequin lace style that will be your go-to for formal events whenever you are in need of the perfect dress. Sequin lace is a classic fabric that will never go out of style!

Find out why sequin lace is one of our favorite fabrics by shopping our favorite styles below:

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