Floral Dresses Perfect for Spring!

Spring is in full bloom and wearing floral spring dresses is easier than you think! 

Floral dresses are a Spring staple. They’re versatile and easy to style! Easily elevate your look with the right accessories. 

Leslie is wearing the Carly orchid floral empire waist dress in a size 4.

Spring means longer days and warmer weather. Spring also brings about a new sense of optimism and joy. Channel this bright and blossoming energy with a floral Spring dress fit for the season and beyond. 

Floral Spring dresses are a must-have in every wardrobe. They’re versatile and easy to style! But while a floral dress is exciting in theory, it can also be intimidating for some women. Floral patterns can be hectic and full of color, and if you’re used to wearing all black during the winter season, this change may seem a bit dramatic. 

What floral print is right for your body type? Which colors are the best to pull out when accessorizing? How should you style your hair or pick out your shoes? These are just some of the questions that might be running through your head as the new season comes upon us. Don’t fret; our team of stylists are here to help! Keep reading for some simple tips on how to wear floral dresses this Spring season.

5 Tips on How to Wear Floral Dresses

Wearing floral prints is easier than you think! Keep these 5 tips in mind!

  1. Less is more. – Keeping the overall look balanced is key. When you wear something floral, let it stand out as its own statement piece. 

  2. Keep heels nude. – Nude heels or sandals help the floral piece stand out on its own. 

  3. Scale it to flatter. – Large prints give the impression of a greater surface area. On the opposite note, the smaller the print, the smaller the drame appears to be. 

  4. Avoid oversized styles with oversized prints. – Oversized prints on oversized styles can look frumpy and can add at least ten pounds to your fame.

  5. Florals are not seasonal. – Just because you can’t grow flowers in your garden year-round, does not mean you can’t incorporate them in your wardrobe. Florals are a year-round print. The key is, like with any print, to choose the styles and colors that are season appropriate.

Still hesitant to wear floral prints? Don’t worry! We’re here to help! Contact our team of stylists at CA and we’ll be happy to help you! We can answer questions from when to wear floral dresses to how to wear them to helping you decide which floral spring dress is perfect for you.

Florals are forever trending!

Floral Spring dresses are a trend that will most likely never go out of style. They are like a movie you want to rewatch because they always make you feel good, you know what to expect, and the story never gets old! Florals add pattern and color to your wardrobe while also giving you that fresh feeling of the new Spring season. 

This Spring, we have so many in style floral print dresses perfect for the season and beyond. There is no better feeling than throwing on a floral Spring dress, a fun lip color, and some great sandals. Shop some of our favorites this season and style them just right!

Floral Dresses Are Always in Style!

Say hello to Spring in a fun and flirty floral dress styled just right.

Lene is wearing the Lisa dusty mauve floral dress in a size 18W.

Sorry not sorry, we will never get sick of wearing florals during the Spring season. It never goes out of style and truly is an instant pick-me-up.

There are so many lovely floral Spring dresses that come out every season and it can be overwhelming to choose. Shop our favorite options with a wide variety of silhouettes, lengths, and color options! Don't know when to wear floral dresses? Floral dresses are ideal for all occasions; day time, night time, and everywhere in between. Shop these tempting choices and treat yourself to something new this Spring season!