How to Tie a Bow

Whether you’re wearing a jumpsuit or a dress, knowing how to tie a bow is essential, though it can be a very confusing task. Luckily, our expert Connected Apparel stylists put together an easy how to video guide on how to tie the perfect bow, so you can look chic and polished for every occasion, day to night. 

Not only are bows instant eye catchers, but they can be an easy way to accentuate and flatter your figure and take your outfit to the next level. From everyday casual dresses to special occasion dresses, comfy jumpsuits to formal cocktail dresses, bows are the ultimate way to pull your look together and add some personal style. And it only takes three steps to tie the perfect bow! Check out our step-by-step instructions and video tutorial on how to tie a bow perfectly.

Step-By-Step Instructions for How to Tie a Bow

Begin by holding a tie in each hand at a place that is at least 10” away from your body. The tie in your left hand should be several inches longer than the one in your right. Starting with ties of unequal lengths is the secret to the perfect bow!

1. Make the knot that forms the base of the bow.

Cross the tie in your left hand over the tie in your right. Wrap the left hand tie back towards your body and around the right tie. Pull the left hand tie up through the hole. Take a tie in each hand and gently pull the ends in opposite directions to complete your knot base.

2. Create a loop.

Take the left tie in both hands. Using your best judgment, approximate 5-6” away from your body and fold the left tie backwards at that point. Keep your newly created loop in your left hand and let your right hand free.

3. Complete the bow.

Take the free hanging tie in your right hand. Wrap the right hand tie over the loop in your left. Just like the base knot, wrap your right hand tie back towards your body, around the loop in your left. With the help of both hands, create the bow’s final loop. Push your right hand tie up through the hole and pull your final loop up and out with your left.

4. Finishing touches

Make sure both loops are even sized. If the loops are uneven, adjust one loop at a time. Gently pull up on the loop to add length. Or, gently pull down on the tie at the opposite end of the loop, to shorten. Finally, smooth out your middle knot

Still struggling? Change perspective!

Here’s a bonus top view version of how to tie a bow. Follow along with our model, Terri, with the instructions above.

Now that you know how to tie a bow, check out our blog on How to Tie Square Knots, so you can switch up your bows whenever you want. Loved the gold jumpsuit featured in this video? Bring it home: Uptown Jumpsuit! And be sure to check out our amazing collection of dresses and jumpsuits, ties or without ties, that you can wear for every occasion.

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