How to Take Your Measurements

When shopping for clothing online, you’ll save yourself a lot of disappointment and hassle if you know your proportions. Since you can’t try clothes on before buying, having accurate measurements is your best bet for ensuring you order clothing in the right size.

Not sure how to properly take your measurements? Don’t worry, it’s much faster and simpler than you may realize. And, to make it even easier, we’ll walk you through the process in our helpful how-to video, as well as in our written tips, below.

What You'll Need

You don’t need any fancy tools to take your measurements like a pro. Just get your hands on:

  1. A soft tape measure

  2. A full-length mirror you can stand in front of so you can see whether or not the tape measure is in the correct place when measuring

  3. A pencil or pen

  4. A piece of paper for writing down your numbers

Ideally, you’ll want to take your measurements wearing only a bra and underwear to get the most accurate measurements.

How To...Properly Use a Tape Measure

When measuring, you want the tape measure to be a tiny big snug, but not tight. And it shouldn’t be loose either (i.e. no slack).

A good rule of thumb: When the tape is wrapped around your body, you should be able to put a finger behind it, but no more than that.

How To...Measure


Measure the bust at the fullest part of your chest, with your arms down, measuring all around the body. This measurement can be a bit tough to do on your own. If you can get someone to help out, you’ll have a much easier time.

Shoulder Length

Knowing your shoulder measurement comes in handy when you’re ordering fitted tops and blazers. Measure your shoulders from tip to tip, drawing the tape measure snuggly across the top of your back.

Did you have a second pair of hands assist you when measuring your bust? Let them help out with this measurement too.


To get the length of your inseam, simply measure the distance between the top of the inside of your thigh all the way to the bottom of your ankle bone.


Measure hips at the fullest part. This is usually around the seat, which is about seven inches down from your navel, give or take.


Wrap the tape measure around the slimmest part of your waist, somewhere between your navel and your ribcage. To know you have the right spot before measuring, bend sideways at the waist. The part that contracts is your natural waist and where you want to place the tape measure.

Garment Length

Knowing how long a garment will be on your body is essential to online shopping. To measure garment length, or the "center high back" - measure from your neck bone all the way down to the length of the garment - provided online. This will tell you how short or long the item will be once you wear it.

Once you have all your measurements written down, check out the new dresses and jumpsuits in our Spring Collection. Connected Apparel’s clothes are made for every body shape, making shopping with us a convenient and rewarding experience.


Very helpful

Victoria Karanja January 03, 2020

This is so helpful!

Victoria Karanja January 03, 2020

Good morning. I will attempt to take my measurements. But I am wondering if your dresses run large or small. I am typically between a regular size 10 and 12. I have an hour glass figure and take a 36 D bra.

Barb Moses October 09, 2019

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