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Bridal Party Inspiration

Wedding season is among us! Springtime is wedding peak season thanks to vibrant weather that feels just right! Planning a wedding can be stressful, even with the help of a planner, the venue, the food, the invitations, and everything in between, can become overwhelming! One thing we can help you with is a little inspiration for your bridal party. Whether you're having a large ceremony or a quaint gathering, your bridal party’s dresses set the tone of your theme. Of course, you want to choose the right color and fit so your bridesmaids look their best for your big day! Here are a few ideas for those seeking an affordable bridesmaid dress from our Wedding Collection.

Cool Cobalts

The color Cobalt makes a bold statement! It's the perfect color for evening ceremonies or those seeking a luxury aesthetic. If you're thinking about incorporating blue bridal party gowns, ensure that your decor includes complementary tones such as yellow, magenta, and mandarin orange. Also consider a touch of metallic, such as silver or gold, to balance out all of your hues. For your bridal party, the best dresses for any figure are Grace and Gracie in Cobalt blue. Both styles are sweetheart neckline dresses and have a shimmering layer of sequin lace. What sets them apart is their length; Gracie is knee length, while Grace is floor length with a modest slit. Other blue dresses that can diversify the bridal party are the floor-length Lisa, the Dorothy formal dress, and the Selena in Cobalt. For elegant mother of the bride dresses, we recommend Jeanette and Monica. These are popular choices due to their free dazzling details and flattering silhouette.

Shades of Pink

Pink bridesmaid dresses long and short, are a popular choice for warm-weather weddings. Shades of soft pink is a light-hearted hue to pair with your wedding dress and they compliment lush greenery and practically any accent colors. Our Grace and Meryl sequins lace dresses are also available in mauve. When wearing these, your bridal gang can opt for a sleek uniform look with one of the two or mix and match for diversity and a hint of personality for each maiden. Another option for a pink aesthetic is the Stevie in Pale Nude. Stevie is knee length with a sequence lace body chiffon and split sleeve cape dress. This is ideal for a dramatic silhouette with delicate details.

Graceful Greys

A charcoal grey wedding theme is popular all year round. It’s perfect for a neutral color scheme to create an upscale vibe. We suggest incorporating cool colors like grey, blue, and tan into your table setting, foliage, and decor. Depending on the ambiance you want to create, you can also add a pop of burgundy to create a more moody color story. 

A popular bridal party dress for a charcoal color scheme is our lace sequin dress Grace in Charcoal, paired with silver shoes and accessories. If you’re looking for a knee-length dress in this color Tina or Janelle are perfect. Both dresses are sleeveless and have dazzling sequins and lace. Tina, however, has a figure-flattering cowl neck and ruched waist, while Janelle has a semi-sheer neckline.

As we explored various inspirations, the enchanting allure of cobalt blue, the soft and romantic touch of pink, and the timeless elegance of charcoal grey emerged as stunning choices. Each hue brings its unique charm to the celebration, allowing you to curate a memorable and visually appealing ambiance. Which other color scheme you choose, although it may become stressful, embrace the exciting chapter of your wedding preparations!

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