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Work Style: Dresses & Jumpsuits for an Interview

Getting ready for a big interview? You’ve probably spent hours researching the company, creating a list of questions and even doing mock interviews with family members or friends.

Next, you’ll want to ensure you’ll be dressed to impress! We’ve got you covered with our collection of women’s work dresses, offering styles that are suitable for a variety of company environments.

Now, you may be asking, “Can I wear a dress to an interview?” While it wasn’t as common years ago, dresses have become widely accepted interview outfits in our modern business culture. Of course, the key is to wear a dress that will create a job interview style that best fits the tone of the company you’re interviewing with.  

There are three general categories that interview outfits fall into, based on the company’s work environment: casual, business casual and formal.

Casual Interview Outfits

Casual dress codes are becoming increasingly popular in business environments, especially in smaller, family-run operations and start-ups, as well as in many creative businesses. Casual interview outfits are functional and comfortable, while still being professional.

The Brandy Dress

This is an ideal dress for a casual interview, with a simple, yet eye-catching style coupled with a professional look.

The Sunny 2.0 Jumpsuit

While a traditional jumpsuit would be too laid-back, even for a casual interview, The Sunny 2.0 is full of sophistication. If you want to cover your shoulders, you can’t go wrong with a simple cardigan to keep the look feeling casual yet put together.  

Business Casual Interview Outfits

Business casual is more formal than casual, but less formal than traditional business attire. For women, this means a stylish dress paired with close-toed heels. If your dress is sleeveless, we suggest adding a blazer to complete the look.

The Cassie Dress

This flattering, work dress is a refreshing twist on the traditional solid black interview dress. This piece would be suitable for both casual and business casual dress codes.

The Lizzie Dress


Another beautiful alternative to an all-black dress, the Lizzie is a rich wine color and features a floral print that adds a bit of playfulness and figure flattering style.

Formal Interview Outfits

For the corporate environments that have a formal dress code in place and expect a very crisp and highly professional look, you’ll find the four dresses below to be fabulous options.

The Lisa 2.0 Dress

This is a smart go-to dress for any formal interview. With a simply stunning style, this classic silhouette will have you looking and feeling confident throughout your interview.

The Monica Dress 

With this chic plus-size jacket dress, you’ll have a modern, put-together look that commands attention. Deceptively uncomplicated to wear, you’ll be able to comfortably focus on showcasing your personality and know-how.


    Don’t forget the important step of choosing the right outfit when preparing for your interview! Explore our collection of women’s work dresses to find the best match for the job interview style you want to portray.

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