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What to Wear: Winter Weddings

Amongst the holiday may lay there are many that plan their nuptials during the cooler time of year. Replacing the common springtime floral arrangements such as tulips and lilies with daffodils and winterberry. Brides may also opt out of strapless and sheer gowns for fur details contingent on the location and weather.

But what are winter wedding outfits for guests and the bridal party? Depending on the setting it can be freezing, but you still want to dress the part. Stay warm, AND be comfortable enough to party! Don’t worry, we have a few suggestions that cover day, night, and holiday themed weddings.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve has become a popular wedding date in the last decade. Although this date could be costly for the soon-to-be-wed, it has proven to be worth it. On NYE, guests are already seeking plans, needing a reason to get glammed up and they usually have the next day off from work. If you are attending a wedding on this date, a new years eve wedding outfit aesthetic is usually an upscale affair. This means a variety of suits for men and glamorous gowns for women. However, due to the holiday, we recommend matching the infamous countdown ball in shimmering sequins. New Year's Eve is peak glitter time, and the goal is to celebrate! Our Stevie is perfect for this occasion. Its sheer split sleeves and stretchy sequin bodice are made to party.


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Valentine’s Day

The month of February is already centered around love with iconic symbols of chocolates, cupid, and roses for the special someone you love thanks to Valentine’s Day! So of course Valentine's day weddings create an unforgettable anniversary and are a common date for winter weddings. Many who tie the knot on this day will shower the occasion in red or pink details; sometimes guests or the bridal party are required to wear these colors as well. If this is the case for you, a red floor-length Lisa dress is a perfect mother of the bride red gown, and Sunny, a red bodycon dress, is a go-to staple style for guests.


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Evening Winter Weddings

Generally speaking, a cocktail dress code for weddings is usually standard when set in the evening. This usually calls for a style that is not floor length or too extravagant as far as details go. It’s safe to say cocktail attire should be something you can wear on a variety of occasions throughout the season or even the year. An example of this is our Harlow midi dress. Her sheath silhouette and subtle metallic shimmer are versatile all year round.


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Winter Day Weddings

Winter day wedding outfits on the other hand are likely to have a dressy casual requirement. This means the requested attire is an elevated casual style; think slacks/pants instead of denim and a blouse instead of a tee shirt. If you prefer a dress instead of separates, we suggest Betty. She is a knee-length dress perfect to pair with heels, flats, boots, and even stockings if the weather calls for it. The overall style and color scheme is more subtle than evening wear but enough to turn heads.


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In Conclusion…

All and all weddings are a time to celebrate the love of the soon-to-be united couple. Although guests and those in the wedding party may not be the stars of the show, what we wear is also important. It shows respect to the couples' requested dress code as well as ensures you leave a memorable impression on the plethora of pictures that will be taken at the event. For more dresses for any type of wedding, peruse our wedding section.
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