What to Wear to a Summer Wedding as a Guest

Love is in the air because it’s summertime, which is a peak season for weddings! With blue skies, the perfect warm weather, and a decrease in the chance of rain, many will be prepping for upcoming weddings. While the bride and bridal party have a specific wedding dress code to tend to, many may not know the best dresses for a summer wedding as a guest. If this is your dilemma there are a few things to consider: the wedding location, the requested attire, which color is appropriate and so much more! But never fear, our guide on what to wear is here to help you celebrate the soon-to-be wedded in style!

Stepping In or Stepping Out?

It is important to know the details of the venue to ensure you are stylish and comfortable from the ceremony to the reception. Consider the weather. If nuptials are outdoors, this may call for sleeveless and short sleeve attire to guarantee you can beat the heat. For instance, a sleeveless dress creates a sleek aesthetic and also allows you to layer cardigans or shawls comfortably. This may come in handy for an indoor wedding with air conditioning just in case you need to add a layer to stay warm. Also, keep in mind that your footwear should reflect the elements as well. Flats and thick heels could be more comfortable if you are walking on grass or gravel. Stilettos on the other hand, may not be the best option for outdoor seating arrangements, but the perfect option for an indoor church wedding ceremony.

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Unlocking the Dress Code

The bride and groom may require that guests adhere to a specific dress code. For instance, dressy casual outfit ideas, formal, black tie affairs or wearing a specific color are all common for ceremonies. Understanding dress codes is sometimes confusing. To help simplify these themes lets, examine a few below. Then read our full guide on decoding dress codes here.

Dressy Casual

Dressy casual is a reference to describe versatile garments that can be worn in a casual manner, but are expected to be dressed up for the occasion. Wearing separates is great for this. Opt for dress pants (avoid denim) and pair them with a blouse along with stylish sandals or heels. Another option is to enhance simple wedding guest dresses and jumpsuits with more elegant shoes and accessories. This could be your favorite date night dress or a style that is also worn to the office.

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Black Tie Wedding

A black tie affair wedding on the other hand calls for extravagant upscale attire, such as formal evening gowns and tailored suits for men. Black tie gowns for wedding are typically womens full length dresses. It is acceptable to wear rich fabrics with details such as shimmer, high slits and long trains; think red carpet! This works for women's jumpsuits as well. Consider a material that is lavish like metallic, sequins, or silk. 

Other elements to consider

Respecting specific themes such as color schemes or costume-like attire should also be considered when attending a wedding. For example, a wedding with a vintage Great Gatsby theme would require guests to dress in elegant 1920s-reminiscent attire.

For more ideas on specific dress codes, read our blog here.

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Staple Dresses

When shopping as a wedding guest, choose something that not only makes you the best-dressed guest, but also that is a versatile staple piece for your wardrobe. Whether the attire is casual or black tie affair formal, it is important to consider if a style is timeless. Timeless style refers to pieces that are not trendy. They can be worn in any cycle of fashion due to their classic multifunctional style. Garments like these can also adapt to various occasions, which allows them to last through multiple seasons. A great example of this is having a little black dress, which can be worn casually, to a cocktail hour, or practically any theme set for a wedding.

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In closing, when choosing the perfect outfit for a wedding guest, it's essential to have a balance in personal style and adhere to any specific dress codes or themes. Also remember to consider the venue, weather conditions, and the overall formality of the event when deciding what to wear. Lastly, embrace timeless pieces that will make you feel confident and comfortable throughout the celebration. Whether it's a classic little black dress or a vibrant jumpsuit, ensure that your choice makes you feel like the best-dressed guest on the occasion. With these tips in mind, you're ready to attend any wedding in style and create lasting memories.

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