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Style Guide: How to Sculpt Your Waist

As fashion evolves so do our societal norms and the standard of body image has become more progressive. In the 1950s, many turned to Marilyn Monroe and Elizbeth Taylor for their curvaceous figures and small waist. This is a juxtaposition to the 1990s, which praised the super thin body types and slouchy clothing. Presently, the zeitgeist caters to the positivity of all body types, mental wellness, and healthy living styles. 

No matter what stage society is in, DON’T WAIST YOUR TIME looking to fit into trendy silhouettes. Connected Apparel has always prioritized ensuring women of all sizes feel as good as they look. In doing this, we have learned that the one area of discomfort for women is their midsection, but we have mastered techniques to create figure-flattering silhouettes that women desire.


One way to accomplish this is with color-blocking fabrics to create your new waistline.

The Cassie dress is a perfect example of this. The vibrant red band at the high-waist, paired with the geometric print bust draws the eyes upward creating an hourglass shape. The cascading layered black skirt helps to balance out the look and your figure. Similarly, the Tori dress is designed to flatter your figure and create an hourglass figure silhouette. The plaid center block and solid side panel works together to create an hourglass shape and accentuate your curves. The overall effect is a look that is both stylish and feminine.

Tejera is wearing the Cassie dress (left) in size 22W. Karla is wearing the Tori dress (right) in size 4P.


Smaller, more subtle details can go a long way when it comes to creating a figure-flattering shape.

Although some may think that a knot or ruching around the waist will draw more attention, it actually creates desirable coverage. In our Selena Dress, for example, the knot-like detail has a faux wrap overlay creating a stylish layer of coverage alongside multi-directional ruching to create a smooth silhouette. Similarly, a faux layer is what makes the Lisa dress our best-selling dress. This figure-flattering layer drapes from below the bust to contour the waist and create a faux wrap that provides extra coverage.

Terri is wearing the Selena dress (left) and the Lisa 2.0 dress (right), both in size 8.


Other ways to contour your waist are to opt for dresses with side ruching.

Ruching is gathered fabric that creates a pleated, ripple-like effect. When worn across the midsection it adds an abstract waistband-like effect to the fabric. The Tina dress, for example, has side tucks at the waistline, slightly distorting the floral print and accentuating your figure. The Sandra dress, on the other hand, is a bit more controlled with a ruched waistband detail, which creates a fitted bodice and flowy midi skirt.

Jalyn is wearing the Tina dress (left) in size 6. Nancy is wearing the Sandra dress (right) in size 8P.


In short, adding figure-flattering waist details to your outfits can make a big difference in accentuating your curves and creating a more streamlined silhouette. Whether it’s a color block print, ruching, or faux wrap detail, these styles offer a variety of options for every body type.

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