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Behind the Scenes: Up Close & Personal with CA Model Victoria Castillo

For this installment of our spotlight series, we’re excited for you to meet Victoria Castillo, one of our models who is beautiful both inside and out. In addition to being a model, Victoria is a photographer, blogger and wellness advocate.

At Connected Apparel we believe that fashion is more than fabrics. Fashion is empowering. We know that when you feel comfortable and confident, you feel happier in general - and Victoria knows this too.

We caught up with Victoria to find out where she gets her inspiration, what her favorite CA outfits are, and more.

What is your connection to fashion?

I've always been into fashion and putting outfits together, but when I was growing up, finding clothes for my size was very difficult. I was a big girl in both weight and height. There was no such thing as plus size fashion or extended juniors sizes. It was either cute

juniors clothes that didn't fit or Misses clothes that were way too matronly for me. I borrowed from my mom’s and aunt's closets a lot. It was not a pretty sight. I think I get my appreciation for sweatpants and hoodies from those times.

It wasn't until high school that I started to find my style and voice. I've always been big into classic pieces that you can mix and match. We didn't have a lot of money, so I had to make sure that my wardrobe cash went a long way. Jeans, tees, basic dresses and layers were my go-tos. When I started modeling at age 18, I became more exposed to fashion via designers and stylists and my world opened up.

Describe your style. Where do you find inspiration?

My style today is classic and feminine meets sporty and earthy. When I dress up, I like to wear dresses or layers and go full-glam. The rest of the time I bounce between sporty and boho. I like to feel feminine yet strong. I think my style always reflects that.

I get my inspiration from world travel, indigenous peoples, historic figures, bloggers that I love, and women that I admire. My style icons are the likes of Carolina Herrera, Jackie Kennedy and Kate Moss.

If you could choose your favorite 3 Connected Apparel dresses (or jumpsuits), which ones would you pick and why?

My favorite 3 CA dresses are:

The Carly Dress

The Carly Silver Floral Chiffon Dress | Connected Apparel

I love The Carly because it's feminine and soft. I love the ruched bodice and flattering waistline. It makes me feel like having high tea!

The Elle Dress

The Elle Dress | Connected Apparel

I like The Elle because it's sophisticated, flowy and shows the perfect amount of leg. And I love the pink/apricot color!

The Mandy Dress

The Mandy Floral Elbow Sleeve Dress | Connected Apparel

I like The Mandy with elbow sleeves because of the cut, length and ruching. It's also a great day-to-night dress!

Out of your three favorite Connected Apparel dresses, how would you style one of them for day versus night?

I would pick The Mandy for a fabulous day-to-night transformation in a heartbeat. You can wear it with flats and a blazer or with black pantyhose and pumps for day, then change it up for a night on the town with a black leather jacket, some strappy heels and statement earrings. It's a versatile and flattering dress for any body!

That's what I love about CA dresses, they don't try too hard, they are classic pieces and they all make great wardrobe staples. I think the key is to give them our own twist with shoes, accessories and, of course, hair and makeup to represent our own individual style!

You can find out more about Victoria by reading her blog and following her on Instagram.
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