Layered outfits for fall are a must-have no matter where you live or what climate you’re in. Although the trends in length and details are forever changing, staples, such as a relaxed fit denim jacket, never go out of style. Womens casual blazers are also timeless wardrobe staples that are great to wear in and out of the office. Although, like denim jackets, blazers have seen their fair share of trend-based evolutions from cropped to oversized in length. No matter what, a basic fitted, structured blazer has stood the test of time and can still elevate the most basic of outfits.

Cardigans for fall are forever layers that seem to have more flexibility in variation as far as their timeless factor; this refers to the length, fit, and details. Although trending prints of cardigans may shift, overall, the mere variation in styles of cardigans has allowed it to stand firm.

An example of this is long, sleek, relaxed-fitting cardigans also known as long duster cardigans. This style tends to be long-sleeved and has straight panels (sometimes with buttons) with a thigh-length hem or longer. Dusters that are plain or classic animal prints create a polished aesthetic to any outfit and you can even add a waist belt to cinch your waist to create another timeless look. The perfect cardigan that fits this description is our Bianca Open Front Cardigan.

Cascade cardigans and sweaters are other popular fall layering pieces. They are also great for every season. Whether long or short, they offer the same benefits as dusters with a slightly elevated appeal. This is due to the asymmetrical shape of their open front styles. By cutting the front of the cardigan in a triangular pattern, it cascades elegantly to create a beautifully layered effect. We love our Ruth Cardigan because it can be worn for a wide range of occasions, from day to night, work to formal wear.

For those who adore a layered look cardigan, but prefer the ease of a single piece, jacket dresses offer a perfect solution. They provide the illusion of layers without the feel or hassle of multiple pieces. Dresses with attached jackets can be casual or formal depending on the fabric and its details. For example, for a special occasion, a cocktail dress with jacket made of lace is ideal for a 2 piece mother of the bride outfits or groom outfit. Take a look at our Pauline dress if you’re in need of a dress like this. For a more informal occasion, a knit dress with jacket offers an effortless yet refined aesthetic that could be great for the office, like our Monica jacket dress.

With denim jackets, blazers, and an array of cardigan styles, layering becomes a timeless and essential technique in fashion styling. You can easily elevate your wardrobe with these additions by focusing on quality styles instead of trendy prints and details. With the versatility of layering and the focus on quality over trendy prints and details, these wardrobe additions offer timeless and enduring styles that can be mixed and matched endlessly.

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