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How to Wear Magenta

Every season stylists, brands, and creators look to Pantone for confirmation of this season’s color of the year; this year MAGENTA had been crowned with the world’s favor! This means in every industry from fashion, home decor, and even graphic design you will see shades of Magenta.

Magenta is a vibrant color that sits in between warm and cool. Thus, starting now, we will see it translate into the warmer season perfectly, with darker tones slowly transitioning into more bright, high-spirited hues. Of course, Connected Apparel is in the know of what’s trending but unlike many others, we work to merge today’s hype into ageless pieces that last. This means they’re versatile for seasons to come, but what’s the best way to wear this majestic Magenta? Although it is still Winter, Spring is just around the corner. So our expert editors highlighted easy ways to wear it all year!

If you’re excited about this color and you’re ready to go all out try a magenta monochromatic look.

Monochromatic means you’re dripping in this lushes color from head to toe. To pull this off, look for similar shades of Magenta don’t overthink it, it’s okay to be a shade or too off, it will come together in the complete look. Take our Lisa 2.0 dress, for instance. Adding strappy heels, a wristlet clutch, and matching studs elevate the dress while keeping versatile from day to night.

Jackie is wearing the Lisa 2.0 Dress in Magenta.

If you love Magenta but head-to-toe color is not quite your style try a pop-of-color outfit.

This can be used with accessories like handbags, jewelry, make-up, or even shoes. All you need is an all-black base or even a plain t-shirt and jeans, pair this with a magenta statement piece to elevate a plain ensemble. For instance, add a pop of color to your outfit to the Regina, the jumpsuit is already a statement piece thanks to the slit pants and tied waist. However, adding a pop of color like a magenta sweater brightens up the look. The Lisette is another great all-black piece that would look great pop of Magenta, since it’s a dressier look, add a simple Magenta clutch so all your details can speak for themselves.

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Another take on a magenta get-up is adding a complementary color to the mix.

Complementary colors can be found on opposite sides of the color wheel and since Magenta derives from purple and red, its complimentary hues range in shades that come from yellow and green. This is why orange and turquoise make perfect accessories to our Selena dress. Likewise, other good colors that pair with magenta are her sister shades such as shades of purple and red also make an eye-catching match.

Terri is wearing the Selena Dress in Magenta.

All in all, fashion has no rules and there’s no wrong way to wear Magenta.

The greatest part of fashion is translating trends into your own personal style. Although next year a new color of the years will take over the tips listed above will still apply, whether you love a pop of color or a heart-to-toe monochromatic look. Which tip was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below, then shop styles in Magenta or with pops of Magenta in the print.

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