How to Style a Little Black Dress

For Holidays and NYE


Have you ever had a dress you absolutely loved, but it went out of style, and you had to leave it in the back of your closet?

This happens all the time because fashion trends are always changing. However, Little Black Dresses are a timeless piece that will never go out of style. This dress has stood the test of time and an LBD looks great on anyone. Not to mention, you can accessorize it any way that best suits your style. With a few accessories and great shoes, you can learn how to style a Little Black Dress quickly. When shopping for an LBD, you must first choose the perfect fit. Choose a cut and fabric that appeals to you, and make the Little Black Dress your own!


The storied history of the Little Black Dress, also known as the LBD, traces its roots to the innovative vision of Coco Chanel during the 1920s. In a pivotal moment that would shape fashion history, the LBD graced the cover of Vogue in a hand-drawn picture in May of 1926. This iconic dress earned its reputation as the uniform of choice for women of “discerning taste.” 

Even during the trying times of the Great Depression, the LBD maintained its relevance. The majority of women in this era didn’t have the means to spend on lavish dresses. Thanks to the LBD’s simple yet sophisticated design, the idea of a clean put together look was not unattainable. Its appeal stemmed from its practicality and timeless allure.

The mid-20th century witnessed Hollywood's role in the LBD's status as an unforgettable fashion staple. Celebrities of the era such as Audrey Hepburn immortalized the LBD in her portrayal of Holly Golightly in the timeless classic, "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Despite the Coco Chanel little black dress quote “Scheherezade is easy; a little black dress is difficult,” today, it stands as an easy classic. The LBD is cherished by women worldwide for its ability to adapt to diverse occasions, all while exuding an unmistakable sense of style and sophistication.

Coco Chanel

Drawing of LBD on Vogue cover

Audrey Hepburn


Especially for the Holidays

The end of the year brings a slew of holidays and celebrations, making the Little Black Dress an ideal choice. However, it can be difficult if you are unsure how to style a little black dress in winter, especially if you are looking for affordable party dresses online. Fortunately, accessorizing is the key, and with just a few minutes of effort, you can confidently embrace the winter days.Here are a few tips:

Company Holiday Party

Up your normal 9-5 style by pairing your LBD with accessories you wouldn’t normally wear to the office. This way, you are dressed appropriately for the occasion while also getting to show off your personal style. Our favorite picks for this occasion would be faux wrap dresses like the Lisa 2.0 or even the layered Daphne Velvet Popover Dress. Add a strappy heel, a long coat, and statement jewelry to complete your Black holiday dress look. If you’re looking for more holiday styling tips, check out our Holiday Style Guide.

Fancy Holiday Party

An LBD made for a holiday party is a staple silhouette like the Grace Long Black Sequin Dress or the faux layered Nina Metallic Jacket Dress from our Holiday 2023 Collection. This would be the time to break out that special pair of heels that seem a little too much for everyday wear. Add some sparkle to the black holiday dress with jewelry, a clutch, and a shawl. Wear your hair up or down with a bit of volume and add a classic red lip to complete the look.

New Year's Eve Party

Tights, heels, and sparkling accessories will be your NYE best friend, especially when wearing a LBD. Start with an LBD with a flair like the Clara Black Cocktail Dress. All you need is a pair of statement rhinestone earrings and a sparkling clutch. The shimmering lace speaks for itself. The Drew Dress is another great black sequin dress for New Year's Eve. Pair it with your favorite (comfortable) black heel, or go all out with a silver heel and you’re good to go. Either way, choose comfort when styling a glam look for NYE so you can focus on dancing the night away and ringing in the New Year rather than adjusting your outfit all night!

The Little Black Dress is a closet staple that will never go out of style due to the plethora of ways to wear it. It is the ideal mix of elements: easy, versatile, and practical, while also being chic, elegant, and sophisticated. While the LBD has evolved over the past few decades, it remains a mainstay of the clothing industry and a must in the wardrobe of every woman.

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