Swimsuits Have Met Their Match: These Beach Cover-Ups Are Almost Too Stylish to Take Off

Warmer weather is (finally) here, and it's bringing on some of the hottest Summer styles we've ever seen. Soak up the sun this Summer in these versatile pieces that double as cover ups and will make heads turn from coast to coast. 

Beach cover-ups are essential. Why? They protect you from the sun while adding some pizzazz to your look. While many of us go to the beach to get that lovely sun-kissed glow, too much sun exposure is a bad thing. Excess sun exposure causes wrinkles, age spots, accelerates the effects of aging, and increases the risk of skin cancer. A stylish way to protect yourself from the sun is with a beach cover up. 

Whether you have a tropical vacation coming up or are invited to a last minute pool party, we’re bringing you must-have dresses and jumpsuits that can work double time this summer as swimsuit cover ups. These women’s dresses and jumpsuits are easy to throw on top of your bathing suit and when the swimming is done, they double as your post-beach outfit. These easy, breezy styles look great on the beach and by the pool, and they’re just as good on a beachless hot summer day.

Slip-On minimalist summer dresses and Jumpsuits

The beauty of the minimal slip on dress or jumpsuit is that almost any style could work as a beach cover up if you want it to! A minimalist piece prioritizes functionality and clean lines over prints and embellishments. Prints are great, but when venturing to the beach, we want our beach bag, hat and sandals to be the statement piece of the ensemble. Minimalist pieces are also timeless, which is something we at Connected Apparel pride ourselves on with all of our styles.

Using these slip on styles as a cover up gives your favorite summer pieces another purpose no matter what you’re doing before or after the beach! This allows you the flexibility to choose between sandals or heels and further enhance your style with a beach tote or clutch. Simple dresses and jumpsuits are so versatile in the Summer.

The Terra Dress


Jori Two-Pocket Jumpsuit


Meredith Curry Tie-Front Maxi Dress


Full-Coverage Styles

Even at the beach, you may want to opt for a style that is comfortable and not as revealing. A  full coverage dress can work double duty as a swimsuit cover-up or for a casual night out. So can a cropped jumpsuit. Whether you rock a bright color or fun print, an easy to wear, longer garment gives you the ideal beach to beachless vibe. 

Another important element of these womens dresses and jumpsuits are that they not only provide coverage for your legs, but also for your chest. We often forget that our chest is front and center for the sun. With these pieces, you can worry less and play more!

Tabi Dusty Teal Two-Pocket Dress


Frida Rosewood Two-Pocket Jumpsuit


Jasmine Taupe Floral Sleeveless Midi Dress


Strapless Jumpsuit

How awesome is it that a piece as fun as a jumpsuit can be used as a swim cover up as well?! A jumpsuit cover up in a light fabric is perfect for both staying cool in the heat and looking effortlessly stylish by the pool. Whether you prefer a cropped pant or a floor-length panth, a one-piece jumpsuit is easy to toss on over your bikini. 

Strapless jumpsuits are also one of the most versatile jumpsuit styles from Connected Apparel. They transition well from beach cover-up to hot Summer days to breezy nights. All it takes is adding a bit of jewelry and a sweater or denim jacket and voila! You now have three outfits for the price of one!

Melissa Olive Leaf Print Strapless Jumpsuit


Melissa Leaf Print Strapless Jumpsuit


Melissa Strapless Cropped Jumpsuit


From easy-going jumpsuits to casual dresses in a variety of silhouettes, you’ll find something in our Summer collection to fit your style and cover your swimsuit. You'll look effortless while you’re on vacation, lounging by the pool or soaking in the sun at the beach. 

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