Summer Wedding Season Has Started! Here's How to Get Your Wardrobe Ready

3 Style Tips for Getting Your Wardrobe Ready for Wedding Season

Wedding season is here! As lovely weather is welcomed across the country, more and more couples are tying the knot. May, June, and July are peak wedding season months, and you may have a few weddings on your summer schedule. Be ready with a new dress or two! Or more! One of the many great things about wedding season—aside from sharing in the love of two people—is it can be a great time to add a delightful new dress to your wardrobe from our wedding collection.

You can find a dress that checks all the style boxes. Whether you want to add something with understated colors or something that pops (but not too much!), you can find plus, regular, or petite dresses for work, weddings, and everything in between this summer. Here are a few style tips to help you find the perfect dress.


Striking the Style Balance

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding guest dress, you want something that doesn’t upstage or clash with the bride—or the bridesmaids, for that matter. This doesn’t mean you can’t coordinate with the theme of the wedding, but it’s important to keep in mind.

As you start to look for a new dress, go in informed, or as informed as you can be. This can help prevent any accidental faux pas at the wedding and reception. It’s all about striking a style balance. 

This might mean looking for dresses that keep things on the subtle side. It may mean a floral print in softer tones, like the Daphne in Lavender. Or it may mean a new wrap dress plus size, regular, or pe

tite in a darker solid color, like the Floor Length Lisa 2.0 in Navy.


Remember: Every Wedding Is Different

It goes without saying: Every wedding is different. Choosing your wedding attire can come down to how well you know the bride and groom and how familiar you are with the vibe of the wedding or reception.

If the wedding is more on the formal side, for instance, darker colors may easily fit right in, so maybe choose Cora. This dress has a navy chiffon overlay on a sky inner layer for flowing movement on a chic silhouette. On the other hand, the event might be more casual and lighthearted. In this case, a brighter floral print like the Lisa in Denim would be the better choice. 

You should also consider the length of the dress. Formal events may be the right time to don a longer or even floor-length dress. Casual events may be ideal for shorter-length dresses or midi dresses. Of course, these aren’t official rules—just something to consider.


Embracing the Color and Warmth of Summer Wedding Season

If you have any weddings on your schedule this month or in the coming months, they’re likely outdoors in some capacity. Whether it’s an outdoor ceremony or reception, or both, you can be ready with an elegant, yet airy dress.

Even stylish cocktail apparel can leave you looking amazing while helping keep you cool. A navy cocktail dress with sheer, lace-like sleeves like Lynette in Navy may be right at home at a midafternoon outdoor ceremony while serving as the perfect evening wear for a sunset reception.  

As you choose a new dress (or two) for your upcoming weddings, keep that setting in mind. A light, airy dress on a warm summer evening will be your perfect wedding companion—aside from your actual wedding date, of course!

As you prepare for a summer wedding filled with vibrant florals and radiant sunshine, remember to opt for dresses in breathable fabrics, adorned with bright floral prints to complement the joyful atmosphere. Whether you choose a midi length for its timeless elegance or a maxi for its sweeping grandeur, let your attire reflect the beauty of the season and the celebration of love. Embrace the warmth of summer with grace and style, and may your outfit be as memorable as the precious moments you share with loved ones on this special day.