Wondering what to wear as you head back to the office?

We're here to help! This is your definitive guide to restocking your workwear wardrobe for your return to work featured Connected Apparel dresses and jumpsuits in extended regular sizes, petite sizes, and plus sizes.

For the past year and a half, working professionals across the globe have run meetings, conducted interviews, and performed their jobs from the confines of their own homes. As convenient as this once seemed, the video-chat experience did not prove to be as rewarding as we might have hoped, especially from a fashion perspective.

Over the past year and a bit, hard-working individuals have only had to concern themselves with the top half of their outfit, essentially just what their colleagues see on the other side of their video conference. “Business on the top, casual on the bottom” has been the go-to model for those looking to exercise as much freedom as they can from their home office environment. Fortunately, the work-from-home business model may be ramping down quicker than was previously expected.

As businesses return to in-person settings, employees will have to throw aside their video chat look and re-learn how to dress to impress. But not all of the adopted fashion choices during quarantine are worth throwing out. The desire for comfy, well-fitted clothing may apply to more cohesive, business-ready outfits. To help those dedicated professionals moving back to the office, here are some simple and easy fashion tips for a smooth fashion transition.

Don't Abandon the Comfort Zone

Sweatpants and joggers weren’t the only articles of clothing to come out of the home office experiment. While “business on the top, casual on the bottom” was a hilarious mismatch of accessories, it did reignite the working community’s value for comfortable business attire.

Kristen is wearing the Diana floral bodycon dress in a size 4.

Whether you’re back in an office or working from home, nothing is more important than feeling comfortable. Comfort goes beyond how we feel in our clothing to extend to emotional comfort as well. If you’re feeling more self-conscious after a year of being inside, selecting clothing that provides both physical and emotional comfort is crucial.

If an individual is already working all day, there’s no need to add another layer of stress. Comfortable clothes can help alleviate some of that stress to improve overall productivity. Whether it be a little more arm coverage, jacket dress, or more leg coverage, comfort is key and will allow you to focus at work and not worry about your clothing.

Combining Comfort & Style

What’s great about comfortability and style is that they aren’t mutually exclusive concepts. By choosing one, a person is not sacrificing the other. Many plus-size dresses and casual dresses can provide the freedom and confidence women need without detracting from the outfit’s beauty or professionalism.

Tejera is wearing the Morgan blush striped jumpsuit in a size 18W.

Women’s jumpsuits are one of the easiest ways to feel great and look great in a corporate setting. Unlike standard dresses, women’s jumpsuits offer form and functionality. Having spent a year-and-a-half indoors, it is not unreasonable to think that one’s body has changed in various ways. Women’s jumpsuits allow female professionals to explore new colors and styles without much risk. These articles of clothing are often made from soft materials and offer the modesty of pants. Why squeeze oneself into an old belt and jean combo when one can cruise through the office in a comfortable free-flowing women’s jumpsuit? From sitting down to walking all day, this fashion piece is a great way to stay cool and look cool at the same time. For women that tend to overheat, especially in offices with poor temperature regulation, these types of style choices are a must.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need a 5-piece, color-coordinated fashion collage to stand out in an office space. Sometimes the most simple outfits can end up being the ones that are the most dynamic. Our staple Lisa dresses are the perfect example of simplicity, being both convenient and fashionable.

Mari is wearing the Lisa mandarin floral dress in a size 4.

The Lisa dress offers a sexy, professional appearance that transcends multiple seasons. Based on the variety of materials and designs, working women can use the Lisa dress in a variety of settings – even ones that extend beyond the workplace. When things are constantly changing, having multipurpose outfits can be a great way to feel more assured about one’s purchases. Similarly, clothes that can be used in any situation lend themselves to being worn more often and offer greater value.

It can be daunting to try and restock a closet with new and interchangeable pieces. Fortunately, by keeping it simple, you can eliminate some of the unnecessary shopping for business attire. By creating more fashion options, one can worry less about the details and configurations of each outfit. Instead, one can create multiple outfits using a variety of standalone items. This not only brings the wearer more value, but it also unburdens them of stress that can be both frustrating and expensive. 

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No Need to Rush

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With all of these tips there is one thing to remember, there is no rush. While the transition to office work is quickening, the clothing stores will not be closing anytime soon. For that reason, it might be worth experimenting with some of the types of tips above for a select number of items before conducting a massive haul. In fact, it might inform someone about the items they are most interested in acquiring in the future. While it can be tempting to completely redo one’s wardrobe, the last thing one wants to do is buy items they will never wear.