Searching for a new job in the midst of a country still partly closed can be a strange and intimidating task. And we want to help! While we may not know much of what the post-corona job market will be like, we do know what it will look like. The traditional interview outfit is all about looking capable, polished, and, to some extent, by-the-book. Remote-work style, on the other hand, is lawless. A sheath dress with a cashmere shawl while still wearing yesterday’s tie-dye socks? Sure. A button-up blouse and blazer over this morning’s pajama shorts? Eh.

Convenience is comfortable, safe, and undoubtedly has its necessary place and time. But do you want to be the convenient candidate, or the necessary candidate? When it comes to virtual interview attire, we take a firm stance: Get fully dressed! Feeling professional is just as important as looking professional. 

Remember: An interview is an interview, no matter how—or where—its performed. Your Zoom or Skype interview should be every bit as important as if you were meeting your potential future employer face to face. Put as much effort into how you look as you would if you were shaking your interviewer’s (hopefully!) future boss’s hand.


Here are a couple of our tips to keep in mind for a successful virtual interview:

  1. Avoid white. Whites are brighter on camera and may overwhelm your bright and eager face. Instead, opt for interview outfits in less distracting colors, like a navy workwear dress. 
  2. Wear minimal jewelry. Accessories are essential for everyday styling. But certain pieces can come across as a distraction to your interviewer, or even be the cause of an awkward camera glare.
  3. Do a practice run. Scope out the perfect space for your interview. Choose a location that’s not too bright (draw the shades), not overly decorated (it can be distracting if there are a lot of things going on behind you) and is in an area where your Wi-Fi is strongest.
  4. Silence your phone. The last thing you want is to be scrambling to silence your chirping phone during an interview. 
  5. Know your audience. Choose how you dress for an interview in the same way you would if you were meeting your interviewer in person. 

Your face is front and center in a virtual interview. From the top of your head down to your lower rib cage is your sole focal point. For this reason, concentrate on an interview dress or outfit that is figure-flattering, yet modest from the waist up. Here are our top 6 virtual interview-worthy work wear dresses:


Mix up the casual tech attire with a bold monochrome pattern like our Noelle Black & White Geometric Dress. Pair it with a colorful blazer to give it an edgier feel than your typical cardigan. Simple gold hoops will complete the I-tried-but-not-too-hard look.


If you work in the healthcare industry right now, thank you. Also: You deserve mood-boosting colors and machine-washable fabrics! Try out our Brandy Salmon Asymmetrical Dress. Brandy is a fabulous choice when you're working from home and going out for a casual dinner now that restaurants are opening! It even looks great on Zoom! 


When you wear a dress that makes you feel good, you exude confidence—exactly what you need when the person in your screen is grilling you on the ins and outs of your resume.The original silhouette of our tried-and-true Lisa Dress, this is a work dress choice for this industry. Not only that, the polka dot print is seasonless so you'll reach for this dress time and again when you want to look polished, but not overdone. 


Startups tend to have relaxed dress codes, so feel free to mix things up with non-traditional neutrals and unexpected textures or patterns. Stand out from the super-casual masses by wearing a floral dress pattern, like our Mandy Dress. Pair it with a blazer for a fresh, cool, and perfectly professional look. 


A firm, court or other high-profile video interview requires a conservative dress code. But that doesn’t mean you need to wear a black suit and tie. A navy cap sleeve work wear dress is a fresh alternative that’s summer-ready, but still undeniably classic. Our Lisa Navy Sleeveless Dress is perfect for this industry and for women of all shapes and sizes. The faux wrap detail at the waist and unique notched neckline add a conservative flair to this work-wear-ready dress. 


Don’t forget, first impressions are everything, so taking risks with what you wear can pay off and help you stand out amongst other candidates. impression. That’s what the fashion industry is about. Opt for a Carrie Floral Dress that shows off your keen eye for figure flattering detail, like this periwinkle floral print. Carrie is wearable architecture and if anyone can pull it off, it’s a woman working in the fashion industry! 

Even if it seems excessive, dressing the part will help boost your confidence, something most of us need during the rigors of an interview. How you dress for an interview tells employers how serious you are about the job, so take the time and make an effort to look your best. Good luck!