Vacation Outfits for Your Future Travels

Like many people, our summer plans have been postponed due to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19. But that hasn’t stopped us from dreaming of our next vacation while we can! We asked our friends and family where they’re taking their favorite Summer CA dress and here’s where we’re going!

"day trip to santa barbara, ca"

“I’m all about traveling light and this will be the perfect dress to wear on a future day trip to Santa Barbara! I love that I can initially wear it as a beach cover up, and then when we’re ready to walk around Main Street or head to dinner that evening, I can put on a pair of sandals or heels and be ready in seconds.”

- Leanna, CA Director of Marketing & E-Commerce

Leanna is wearing the alley dress

"West Virginia to meet my new granddaughter"

“ I plan on wearing this when I travel this summer to West Virginia to meet my new granddaughter. I absolutely love the Josie dress. It’s very comfortable, can be casual and is also very elegant.”

- Ginger, CA FRIEND

Ginger is wearing the josie dress

"Family trip to Hawaii"

“I can’t wait to wear my Melissa jumpsuit on our family trip to Hawaii! It’s such a nice piece to lay back and relax in or dress up for a Luau!”

- Romi, CA Friend

Romi is wearing the Melissa Jumpsuit

"Stagecoach in indio, ca"

“We were hoping to take my bus to Stagecoach in October, so that is where this dress would have been off to! There’s always next year!”

- gloria, CA head of design

gloria is wearing the juliette dress

"Phi Phi Islands in Thailand"

“I cannot wait to take the Macie dress to Thailand with me once it’s safe to travel! I can already see myself with a drink in my hand, sitting on the boat and enjoying the beautiful scenery that is the Phi Phi Islands. This dress is perfect for it!”

- Camille, CA E-Commerce Manager

Camille is wearing the Macie dress

"Midsummer in Sweden"

“I am originally from Sweden and I can’t wait to go back. Each year at home, we celebrate Midsummer, the brightest night of the whole year, the night is almost as bright as the day. This dress will be the perfect Midsummer outfit for next year’s celebration! First because it is so pretty, second because it is so comfortable and perfect for a long day and night with your closest family and friends. I can’t wait to wear it around California now and in Sweden later!”

- Julia, CA Friend

Julia is wearing the Natalie dress

"Visit family in Buenos Aires, Argentina"

“I can’t wait to be reunited with my family in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Because its opposite seasons there, this will be the perfect dress to wear for family dinners over Christmas time. It’s comfortable and roomy so I can eat as much parilla as I want :) I also love that I can dress it down to wear during the day as we explore my favorite city in the world!”

- Leanna, CA Director of Marketing & E-Commerce

Leanna is wearing the Jill dress

"Beaches in Hawaii"

“I’ve been dreaming of relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii in the most comfortable, lightweight and effortless dress.”

- Mimosa, CA Controller

Mimosa is wearing the JUNE dress

"Celebrate my birthday in catalina island"

“My family and I will be going to Catalina Island this summer. I always take a dressier outfit for the special go-out-on-the-town birthday dinner with my family. My hair is mostly blue right now and will go perfectly with this dress! The fabric is so soft – I will feel like a queen! Thank you Connected Apparel!”

- Kym, CA Friend

Kym is wearing the Reese dress

"A friend's backyard"

“I’m not even dreaming of going far! I would just love to wear this dress to an evening backyard party this Summer…”

Gloria, CA Head of Design

Gloria is wearing the Kai Dress

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