What’s on your calendar this month? 

Tell us what’s on your calendar this month and we’ll help you find something to wear!

Can you believe it’s already February?! While the first month of the year has already come and gone, February is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day this month and Spring is right around the corner. 

If your calendar is as full as ours, we know how daunting it can be to find the right outfit for every event on your calendar. We are here to help! Tell us what’s on your calendar this month and we’ll help you pick out something to wear! 


I have a special event coming up!

I need something fancy, eye-catching and comfortable.

Whether you’re invited to a gala, formal birthday party or other special soirée, it’s time to take the guesswork out of what to wear so you can focus on feeling your best at any and every event this month. The first step is figuring out what the event’s dress code is. The second step is to find a dress or a jumpsuit fit for your body type. And lastly, pick out accessories and shoes that will make you sparkle and shine through the night. 


I have a big job interview!

I need something professional that makes me feel confident and ready to impress.

While job interview attire has relaxed a little bit throughout the years, you still want to look put together for your meeting. Dress to impress with a Connected Apparel dress or jumpsuit that’s up for the job! From the best selling Lisa dress to the Caroline work dress and Amanda jumpsuit, we have the perfect styles that will have you feeling confident and ready to take on any position! 


I have a special weekend planned with my significant other for Valentine’s Day!

I need something romantic that will WOW! 

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to remind your partner or your friends and family how much you love them. It's a day for chocolates, flowers and romantic Valentine's Day gifts, but it’s also a day to get all dolled up and feel your best. Wearing anything adorned in red or flowers will definitely make you look like a Valentine's Day enthusiast. Or you can opt for a classic Little Black Dress. Whatever your style and whatever Valentine’s Day plans you have, we have the style you’re looking for!

Not yet sure what you’re doing for the most romantic night of the year? Head over to the blog for 6 ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day.


I have a wedding coming up!

I need something spectacular without being over the top and that keeps me comfortable so I can celebrate all night long.

Wedding season is back in full swing! If you’re attending a wedding this month, you’ll need wedding attire that not only aligns with the dress code, but will also wow everyone there! From bridal showers to wedding receptions, mother of the bride or groom and bridesmaids dresses, we have wedding styles that you’ll feel comfortable and confident in. 


I’m not sure yet, but I want to be ready for anything!

I already feel like this is going to be a good month and I’m open to any and all new outfits that will help me look and feel my best at any moment! 

If you’re just as excited to welcome in a new month as us, having a closet full of ready-to-wear clothes can feel like the best thing ever. The trick is building a seasonless wardrobe that will last you through the year and beyond! Choose smart, staple pieces to build the foundation of your wardrobe and add fun accessories and jewelry to mix things up. Learn more about the 5 steps to creating a seasonless wardrobe on our blog.