Tell Us: What's On Your Agenda This Week?

What’s on your agenda this week?

Tell us what’s on your agenda this week and we’ll help you plan your outfits!

The best way to relieve stress from your morning routine is to have your outfits planned out and ready to go. From work to a night out to weekend fun, take on the week by force with powerful looks made to last.

If your weeks are as busy as ours, we know how overwhelming it can be to just get dressed in the morning. While it sounds like such a simple task, sometimes it feels like we have nothing to wear! Stop frantically sifting through your closet and instead have your outfits already planned out. Let us help you! Tell us what is on your agenda this week and we will pick out the outfit!


I work from home during the week!

I need something that is comfortable enough to sit in all day, but still put together.

With working from home becoming part of the norm, it can be difficult to know what you should wear. While one benefit of being home is that you can stay cozy, sometimes getting ready and dressed for the day increases motivation. The CAxLZ Classics Collection is full of comfortable and versatile styles made to have you feeling confident throughout the day.


I go to the office on the weekdays!

I need something that is office appropriate but will also make me feel confident.

The workwear dress code is definitely changing and will continue to evolve. And while office attire has become more relaxed, it is still important to look put together. Walk into the office and let everyone know who's boss. Get ready to feel comfortable and confident with our curated collection of workwear styles.


I have a date night planned for after work!

I need something that is suitable for the day time and can easily transition into the night.

Go seamlessly from day-to-night with versatile and quality styles. Go to the office with closed toe heels, a coat, and your work bag and take the look into the night by easily switching those out. Keep the strappy heels, crossbody bag, and statement earrings in the car waiting.


I have errands to run on Saturday!

I need something chic and stylish but also comfortable enough to take me throughout the day.

Make running errands on the weekend fun by wearing a cute outfit and feeling confident. However, make sure it is comfortable enough to last you all day and easy to move around in. A flowy dress is always a good option for a busy day.


I plan on relaxing on the couch all day on Sunday!

I need something casual and cozy, but make me feel like I’ve done something with my day aka getting dressed.

There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday, relaxing on the couch and watching TV all day. However, it is also nice to get out of your pajamas and still get ready for the day. Choose casual styles that will still have you feeling put together no matter your plans.

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