Tell Us: Are You Going to a Wedding Soon?

Are you going to a wedding soon? 

Let us know and we’ll help you pick out your wedding outfit! 

Saying “yes” to every wedding invitation is easy when armed with the perfect dress. Whether you're a bride looking for styles to wear for events leading up to the wedding, a mother of the bride or groom looking to feel your best on the big day, or a guest looking to be the best dressed wedding guest, we have a style for you!


Yes, I’m the bride!

I’m looking for crisp, white pieces to wear for events leading up to the wedding and possibly the wedding itself!

Newly engaged? Congratulations! You said yes to the ring, now it’s time to get this party started! Weddings aren’t just “the big day” anymore — they’re weekend-long affairs with welcome drinks, rehearsal dinners, day-of activities and farewell brunches. To help navigate through all these events, read our wedding style guide on what to wear when you’re the bride

The wedding-related events are only just beginning — and may even start soon after you’ve said ‘yes!’ No matter how or where you’re celebrating your bride-to-be status, an outfit worthy of the guest of honor (YOU, of course!) is obviously in order — and we’ve got ideas for what to wear to every bridal and wedding event leading up to the big day.

Sara is the perfect jumpsuit for a courthouse wedding or even a second look at your reception. 



Yes, I’m the mother of the bride or the groom!

I’m looking for something that will make me feel as good as my daughter (or son) on their biggest day!

Mothers of the bride and groom – It's your big day too! As the mother, figuring out what to wear can be incredibly overwhelming. Moms are encouraged to express their sartorial sensibilities in different ways. Sleek evening gowns, trendy midis, maxi dresses and structured jumpsuits are all great options for the mother of the bride or groom. Talk about spoiled for choices! To help you narrow things down, read our wedding style guide on what to wear when you’re mother of the bride or groom.

Our mother of the bride or groom dresses are alluring, without taking attention away from the happy couple. You’ll look and feel your best throughout all the upcoming wedding festivities no matter which dress you choose. 


Yes, I’m in the bridal party!

I’m looking for something chic that won’t cost me a fortune!

Congratulations! She chose you to be in her bridal party. Getting to be a maid of honor, matron of honor, bridesmaid, or even junior bridesmaid, is a huge honor. Considering all of the costs that go into being part of a bridal party, staying on a budget will help you get through the wedding festivities with your wallet still intact. You’ll first want to consider style, color and silhouette when shopping for a jumpsuit or bridesmaid dress appropriate for your role. 

But finding something affordable and fabulous that doesn’t look cheap can be challenging. You don’t have to sacrifice looking chic for paying cheap with our bridesmaids dresses at under $100!


Yes, I’m attending as a guest!

I’m looking for something that will make me feel great and keep me comfortable all night long! 

RSVP “yes!” to your next wedding invite and be the best dressed wedding guest! 

After you’ve RSVP’d, you’re now asking yourself “What do I wear to a wedding as a guest?” Deciding what to wear to a wedding isn't always an easy task. As any seasoned guest knows, the last thing you want to do is procrastinate finalizing your look until it's the night before the wedding and you feel like you have nothing to wear. Here are a couple of our top choices to turn heads. If you need more help, make sure to check out our wedding guest style guide


Possibly, I want to be ready in case I RSVP yes! 

I’m looking for versatile styles that I can possibly wear to a wedding, but can also wear to a date night and even to the office!

Versatility is always a good thing to keep in mind when making new wardrobe choices. It’s a good return on investment when you’re able to wear dresses or jumpsuits to a wide variety of events from weddings to date night and even to the office. Here are some of our top choices for versatile styles you can wear almost everywhere! Bonus: they’re all under $100! 


No, but it’s always nice to have something pretty in my closet!

I’m always looking to add to my wardrobe, no event needed. 

Having a closet full of pieces you love to wear is the ultimate dream! Here are a couple more styles worthy of your consideration! 

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