Style Guide: How to Wear Plaids

Plaid dresses are a seasonal staple and this year we have so many to choose from!

Plaid dresses are versatile enough for the office, a daytime seasonal festivity, or a night out on the town. Plaid brings a vintage and feminine feel to your look and this timeless print is sure to refresh your wardrobe in a flash. Styling plaid dresses for Fall can be difficult, but we are here to make it easier with some simple tips. A plaid dress can be worn in innovative ways that are sure to show off your fashionista side!

3 Simple Tips to Look Pretty in Plaid 

Feel comfortable and confident in plaid dresses this season with three simple tips:

  1. Style a plaid dress using complementary colors
  2. Take the high maintenance out of plaid & go neutral
  3. Up the plaid dress for a Fall look with statement accessories

Plaids can easily be dressed up or down, and we are making it as easy as possible with our new plaid dresses for Fall. No matter how you style a plaid dress, you won’t get enough of this iconic wardrobe staple. While plaid can be worn year-round, it is more prevalent during the Fall and Winter months. Learn more about how to dress for the Fall in this season's style guide here. Create an authentic look by having your own take on styling plaid dresses with layering or a touch of simple customization.

Tip 1: Style using complementary colors 

Style a lighter colored plaid dress with complimentary colors to not overwhelm the whole look.

The fitted style of the Casey dress and the three-quarter length sleeves give the look a sophisticated feel that’s perfect for the office! Also, the large-format plaid print adds a bold touch. 

For example, Camille pairs the Casey dark mallard plaid dress with a subtle beige flat and a tan work bag that compliments the rust details on the dress. The color of the bag ties in perfectly with the dress and creates a chic, but simple monochromatic look.

Camille’s look is perfect for the office or a daytime activity. Her plaid dress outfit can even be made into a day-to-night look with a simple switch of the shoes to a higher heel! Return to work in style and learn more about what the Connected Apparel team is wearing to the office this season here.

Tip 2: Go neutral

Take the high maintenance out of a plaid dress with neutral accessories!

Although plaid dresses can sometimes give off a preppy look, it can easily be styled into a more casual, daytime look. Take the high maintenance out of a plaid dress! Style with black and neutral accessories to let the plaid dress steal the show. 

Leslie is wearing our Erin taupe plaid dress for fall and styled it with a black crossbody bag that’s perfect for a daytime activity. She also paired the plaid dress with black block heels with gold accents that perfectly complement from the taupe accents in the dress. She is also wearing neutral earrings that complement the taupe in the dress. Altogether, this plaid dress outfit perfectly comes together and fits right in with the Fall season and trends.

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Step 3: Up the look with statement accessories 

Elevate plaid dresses for a special occasion with statement accessories.

Plaid can be worn in a chic and timeless manner, perfect for a special occasion with just the simple addition of a few statement accessories. An easy way to turn a look into a special occasion one is to pull the metal accents from the dress and revolve your accessories around that same metal color. 

Jordan is wearing the Nora wine plaid dress and styled it for a Holiday semi-formal party. The wine accents make the dress perfect for the occasion, and while the fabric of the dress can seem more casual, she added on silver accessories to level up the look. The dress has buttons on the pocket with silver accents, so the dress was paired with bold silver heels and an even bolder silver sparkly bag. Although these two accessories are statement pieces, they work well with the dress in order to elevate this plaid dress for Fall for a nighttime event.

Show up to your next evening event looking and feeling you’re very best. Learn more about picking the perfect evening wear here with five helpful tips. 

Plaid is a timeless print that is overwhelmingly popular during the Fall and Winter seasons. Although, it is not one of those cases where if you’ve seen one plaid dress, you’ve seen them all! Plaid dresses can be styled in innovative and unique ways to make them versatile for any and all occasions. Plaid dresses are an iconic seasonal staple that we all know and love.

We hope this blog helped you learn how to wear plaid dresses! Remember to style plaid with these three simple and easy tips to make it the perfect look for this season's festivities. While styling bold patterns can be intimidating, we hope you feel a little more at ease. If not, check out our style guide on styling bold and animal prints here. Some of the same tips can be applied to wearing plaid dresses as well! 

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