The Self-Isolation Style Guide

Panic-baking sessions. At-home dates. All-company Zooms. Self-isolation has given rise to many scenarios we never saw coming. Here’s how we're dressing for them.


Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to skip the home office attire. Getting ready for the day matters. How you dress is how you present yourself to the world. Face your job with confidence and the respect it demands by making thoughtful clothing choices. Get out of those pajamas and be prepared to be seen… even if it's just on Zoom calls. 

Date Night at Home

Some sweet day, you will return to your favorite restaurant and sit at a real table and chat with a real waiter. But during self-isolation, take-out will have to do. Set the scene: candles, Ethiopian jazz, that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for…this? Yes, this! Put on a Connected Apparel floral dress or better yet, a super chic Little Black Jumpsuit, strappy heels, dangling earrings, and your boldest lipstick. There—isn’t it nice to feel glamorous again?

Panic Baking

It’s 4pm on a Wednesday, when suddenly you get the urge…to bake. Sure, it could wait until the weekend, but why? Let’s live in the moment during social distancing! Convinced that you can whip up 100 cookies while conducting your final conference call of the day, you start rifling through your cabinets. Since you’ll inevitably be covered in flour before the hour is out, choose a machine-washable, comfortable dress like the Maggie flowy dress or Ryan jumpsuit for women. Now, if it were only this easy to clean the kitchen after you’re done baking.

The Video Happy Hour

Between juggling working from home, taking care of your screaming kids, and that load of laundry you’ve been putting off, you’ve finally found a night that works to catch up with your five best girlfriends. You’ve poured yourself a glass of wine. But now, what to wear? This is the closest thing to an outing you've been to in weeks, so a little effort is in order. Our style philosophy is to always choose a style that will make you feel comfortable and confident so you can fully enjoy your ability to “go out” without actually going out. Drink as many glasses as you want! No designated driver needed tonight!

Binging TV Shows

It’s Saturday, and it’s raining. You attempted a morning walk, but now you’re ready to curl up like a hibernating bear while you binge-watch all seven episodes of Tiger King. Light a fire (or a candle), make some tea, and put on something that’s going to bring as much comfort as it will style. Who said being a couch potato meant you had to wear a potato sack? No one!

Video Check-In With Your Boss

Today is the day you’ll remind your boss just how indispensable you are—and you need to look the part. So what if your toddler/cat/partner has been distracting you all morning and you’re still in your pajamas? When your boss Zooms you at 3pm, you’ll be ready in a sharp, modest dress for women, accessorized with simple jewelry. As far as she knows, you woke up like this.

The Spontaneous Midday Dance Party

You just realized you’ve been sitting in the same position (hunched over your laptop) in your home office for three hours when your favorite song comes on. You hop up, regain feeling in your legs, start to dance, and realize how badly you needed this. Don’t stop there. Put on a flowy dress and pretend you’re actually at a party. Your work can wait—this groove can’t.

Virtual Dinner with the Family

Are we the only ones who feel like when we have “plans,” the days go by much faster? You just spent the entire day in your home office, when you look up and realize dinner with the family is in one hour. Fifty minutes later, dinner is ready and on the table. All you need to do is slip on a fashionable, flattering dress for curves for dinner. After all, you want your family to know that you may be cooped up at home, but you still take self care seriously.

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