What’s your Oscar style? 

Tell us your favorite color palette and we’ll help you channel your favorite Oscar style! 

Did you happen to catch the Oscars last night? Celebrities turned up to the red carpet, dressed to the nines and gave us red carpet looks to die for! From Jada Pinkett Smith's dramatic train to Lupita Nyong'o's eye-catching gold sequin dress and Maya Rudolph's stunning orange number, this year's Oscar looks did not disappoint!

The Academy Awards are one of the most-watched red carpet events in the world (along with the Met Gala, of course). Every year, our favorite Hollywood stars come to the red carpet decked out in the most beautiful styles you’ve ever seen. We spend hours in awe of these amazing dresses and wish we had an opportunity to wear these amazing styles.

You don’t have to make your debut on a red carpet to channel your favorite Oscar style! Tell us your favorite color and we’ll help you channel your favorite Oscar style in a Connected Apparel dress or jumpsuit!

Navy blue

I love a neutral color that isn’t black or white.

Navy blue is a neutral color that will never go out of style and can be worn year-round.

An alternative to more classic neutral colors like black and white, navy blue is elegant and elicits a sense of serenity and calmness. Navy blue is a color that will never go out of style and can be worn year-round.

This year Jamie Lee Curtis donned a high neck, head to toe navy blue sequin look that we just absolutely adore! Ava DuVernay also wore a stunning navy blue piece with unique shoulder details we can't get over. 

We also love classic navy blue looks like Sandra Bullock’s and Amy Adams’s 2014 Oscars dresses. You can channel this elegant neutral color in your day-to-day with our Lisa in the sleeveless option. You can wear her to work, on a date night out, or even to a lowkey wedding.

If you’re looking to wow in this color at your next special occasion like Naomi Watts’s sequin head-to-toe navy blue 2016 Oscars dress, we love our Elizabeth floor length gown with its unique neckline, our Sasha sequin lace dress with its unique raglan sleeves or our Cora sleeveless dress with its unique navy blue and mauve color combination.


I love crisp, fresh, white styles.

White is an evergreen color that can be worn to every occasion. 

White is a color that will never go out of style. White is an inherently positive color often associated with purity, light and goodness. It’s often seen on the red carpet, especially during Oscar night.

This year Venus Williams wore a stunning white gown with an interesting neckline that caught our eye.

You can channel Zendaya’s 2015 Oscars dress or Gweneth Paltrow’s 2012 Oscars dress with our floor length, pearl white Turner dress.

Or if you prefer Lady Gaga’s structured 2016 Oscars jumpsuit, you’ll love our white jumpsuits like our our customer favorite Sara jumpsuit or our new Regina jumpsuit. Regina can even be a great addition to your Spring getaway wardrobe.

If you’re looking to channel this crisp and fresh color in your day-to-day, the Elsa white dress is perfect for an al fresco date night, brunch with friends, and even to wear to your bridal shower if you’re a bride. Bonus: If you’re a bride and you’re looking for outfits to wear at all the events leading up to our wedding, check out our Wedding Style Guide: What to Wear When You’re the Bride blog for tips from our style team. 


I love to stand out in red.

Red is a stand out color that demands attention.

Red is a bold color that is associated with love, passion, and romance. It’s no wonder that the color red is a red carpet favorite year after year. Red is always on trend no matter what the season and you can make it your own by adding thoughtful red pieces to your wardrobe.

This year many celebrities chose to wear red, like Jennifer Garner with her off-the-shoulder gown, Tracee Ellis with a unique and voluminous mixi length dress and Kirsten Dunst with her beautifully detailed gown. We love them all! 

You can channel similar looks to Viola Davis’s red 2017 Oscars look or Allison Janney’s 2018 Oscars look with our stunning James red halter dress. A floor length dress made for any special occasion, James is a dress that demands attention.

Prefer a statement red dress like Amanda Seyfried’s 2021 Oscars dress or Kristen Wiig’s unique 2020 Oscars dress? Try out one of our red sequin lace dresses like our Gracie dress with a sweetheart neckline or our Isabelle dress with flounce sleeves.

If an all red ensemble feels a bit intimidating to you, opt for a red floral print like our Harlow balloon sleeve dress. Red florals are easier to wear and can make a statement on its own.


I love dressing up in an all black outfit.

Black is a color that can be worn for every day and any special events.

Black is a color that you can turn to for every occasion on any day. An all black look is classic and simple. No matter your style, we can all agree that the color black will forever be relevant. While all black outfits have a reputation of being boring, we highly disagree and so do many actresses that choose to wear black on the red carpet.

This year there were many black looks that caught our eye. We loved Sofia Carson's full tulle black gown, Laverne Cox distinct black dress, and Rachel Zegler's sheer black ensemble. 

You can channel the long lines from Julia Roberts’s 2001 Oscars dress with our Sunny floor length black dress. Or opt for an elevated version of Sunny in sequin lace

Or if you’re really into lace like Jennifer Lawrence’s 2016 Oscars dress, you’ll love our Grace sequin lace dressYou can also spice things up with a black sequin lace dress like Stevie or opt for a one-and-done black jumpsuit like Sheryl.

If you’re still convinced that an all black outfit is boring, let us change your minds. Learn how to style an all black outfit with our style guide.

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Woman posing wearing Black Sara Black Jumpsuit from Connected Apparel

Cobalt Blue

I prefer to stand out in a cool color like cobalt blue.

Cobalt blue is an understated color that makes a big impact.

Cobalt blue is a darker take on standard blue. It’s a rich color that oozes individuality. It’s considered friendly, authoritative, and trustworthy.

If you love Jennifer Garner’s head-to-toe cobalt blue 2018 Oscars dress, you’ll love our floor length Natalia cobalt blue dress. She’s a simple dress that makes a big impact.

If a unique detail is more your speed like the bow detail on Nicole Kidman’s 2018 Oscars dress, you’ll love the unique neckline of our Bobbi fitted dress. She’s perfect for making a bold statement at the office.

If an entirely unique look is what you’re going for like H.E.R.’s unique 2021 Oscars jumpsuit, our Stevie dress in a cobalt blue floral print is perfect for you.

This unique spin on a beloved hue can reinvent any silhouette or look!

Floral Print

I can’t get enough floral prints!

Floral styles are perfect for Spring, but can also be worn year-round in darker shades.

An overall floral print is definitely an eye-catching look, on and off the red carpet! Floral print dresses are not just for the Spring season. You can wear floral print dresses all year long by opting for darker prints during the Fall and Winter seasons.

While floral prints are rarely seen on the red carpet, we loved Lily James's floral sequin pink dress and the floral details on Serena Williams's bold fuchsia gown. 

You can channel Maya Rudolph’s allover pink floral 2019 Oscars look with our Tina cowl neck dress or Sunny orchid floral dress. Both dresses are perfect for the Spring season.

If you’re looking for a soft romantic look like Hailee Steinfeld’s 2017 Oscars dress, look no further than our Stevie champagne floral print dress. She’s perfect for a date night or even a garden party.

If you prefer a darker floral print like Halle Berry’s iconic 2001 Oscars dress, you’ll love our Elsa dress in a wine floral print.

Floral dresses are versatile and easy to style. Learn how to style floral dresses with our style guide. 

Earth Tones & Metallics

I love earthy and metallic tones!

Earthy and metallic tones are grounding and look good on everyone!

Earthy and metallic tones are both grounding and full of life. Wear earth tones like brown and beige or metallic tones like gold by themselves, or opt for mixing the best of both worlds with metallic bronze.

Regina Hall wore a flowing dark tan dress with slit chiffon sleeves similar to our Stevie dress and Lupita Nyong'o wore an eye-catching gold sequin dress we absolutely love. 

You can channel Meryl Streep’s 2012 allover gold Oscars look with our Uptown gold foil printed jumpsuit. Uptown is a customer favorite that tells the world that you’re ready to party!

Or if Zendaya’s 2018 head-to-toe brown Oscars look is more your style, the Lisa 2.0 dress with flounce sleeves in brown is the perfect dress for you! As with many of our Lisa dresses, you can wear her to work or to dinner and even special events.

Earth tones and metallic tones go well together, as Charlize Theron demonstrated with her 2017 metallic bronze Oscars dress. You can channel her look by mixing tops and bottoms from our CAxLZ Classics Collection. Our favorite combo is the CAxLZ Tracey bronze metallic top with the matching CAxLZ Christine bronze metallic pants.