Navigating a Size Change?

Navigating a size shift? Embrace your body’s changes!

Our bodies are constantly changing, and dressing accordingly will help you feel comfortable and confident.

Change is a part of life, and this is definitely something we have all learned recently. We want to encourage you to embrace change no matter what it entails because it will not only increase your confidence but will also ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day. Whether your change is from pregnancy, aging, or you are experiencing weight gain/loss, life causes a woman's body to constantly be changing. With a little help from your Connected Apparel family, we hope you’ll feel empowered to fill your wardrobe with pieces that make your body’s shifts a welcome change rather than an obstacle. 

Dressing during pregnancy

Save on maternity clothing!

While there is no shortage of maternity clothing, it has become more common for women to instead opt for generously cut styles that they can wear beyond their pregnancy. This way, you are saving money and can use the pieces more than once. Choose lightweight fabrics and loose-fitting silhouettes and then go up one size. A-line silhouettes are a great option! You will feel comfortable while also still feeling like you’re not wearing a paper bag. 

Dressing during postpartum

Find forgiving fabrics that you can wear for years to come.

When choosing outfits for your postpartum experience, think comfy and supportive. Stretch jersey is a flexible and breathable fabric that is not too tight but also not ill-fitting. It is soft to the touch and it lays on the body nicely. After your beautiful body endures this change, things may not feel exactly as it once did, however, celebrate this with comfortable fabrics.

Dressing during menopause and aging

Prioritize comfort without sacrificing style.

Don’t let your style suffer when you’re going through this life change. Choose separates that you can easily layer when you need to regulate your temperature. One of the most substantial side effects of menopause is hot flashes. The CAxLZ Classics Collection allows you to create an outfit base that you can then add on top of. Keep cool with the Milena tank, but make sure to bring along a Bianca cardigan. Looking for something more lightweight for special occasions? Try one of our lace shrugs!

Dressing after weight gain or loss

Weight fluctuation is normal, and we want to support you in your current and changing body!

We do not always see our weight changes coming, so it is important to have relaxed pieces in your wardrobe that you know will always look great. A dress figure that is flattering and supports weight gain or loss is great to have when you are not feeling like yourself. From our schedules constantly changing, to stressful life changes, or even the infamous Covid weight, weight fluctuation is normal. Go for a faux wrap silhouette to feel comfortable and confident no matter where your body is. Have you checked out our Lisa silhouette? Lisa is our best-selling faux wrap dress! Discover more about the Lisa silhouette on our blog and if you’re looking for the perfect Summer-ready version, check out our Lisa 2.0 in fuchsia.

Best versatile dresses & jumpsuits, according to you

Shop styles for now & beyond

Let your style turn change into an opportunity!

Kristin is wearing the James tropical print maxi dress in a size 14.

Life shifts can change your body shape or size, but it shouldn’t change your confidence or mindset. Create a wardrobe that moves with you and has your back no matter what life throws at you! Here is some advice to remember if you are navigating a size change:

  • Know that our bodies are constantly changing.
  • Embrace change no matter what it entails.
  • Fill your wardrobe with versatile styles.
  • Don’t let your style suffer when you’re going through a life change.

We hope this is helpful in encouraging you and all women to embrace all of the changes that seem to affect our bodies and to start building a wardrobe that turns sudden changes into new opportunities. Whether you are looking for plus sizes, petite sizes, or regular sizes, shop our style selection below that we think will always have you feeling comfortable and confident!

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