Meet Regina, the chicest jumpsuit you’ll ever meet!

Regina is a chic white jumpsuit that you have to add to your wardrobe!

A jumpsuit is a head-to-toe outfit that creates a striking look that is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe! No matter your age, a jumpsuit looks amazing and is simple and comfortable. For those days you just don’t have the energy to put together an outfit or you just feel like looking fabulously on-trend, go for the jumpsuit!

If you’re looking for the perfect white jumpsuit that is versatile, stylish, and comfortable, check out Regina! This white jumpsuit is chic and figure flattering with the tie waist and a split in the pant legs that adds a unique and trendy touch! Regina is the perfect one-and-done look that we’re all looking for these days!

Fun fact: The jumpsuit was invented in 1919 by an Italian painter named Ernesto Michahelles and was only originally worn by skydivers and parachutists. Now, it is a stylish look that women of all shapes, sizes, and ages wear on the daily!

White jumpsuits are in

Trending alert: white jumpsuits!

Tejera is wearing the Sara ivory jumpsuit in a size 18W.

An all white outfit offers a fresh and crisp look that works for any occasion and during any season. Plus, it creates a clean slate for an outfit that allows you to add on any accessories you want! Pink, red, purple, brown, add on any color or print to top off a white outfit and make it your own. This is also what makes it so versatile to wear from one season to the next.

While an all white outfit is chic and a simple way to style, an all white jumpsuit makes things even easier! This way, you don’t have to worry about your top and bottoms being two different shades of white or two different fabrics. All white jumpsuits have even made their way to the Oscars red carpet! Check out our Oscars blog to see Celine Dion in her all white backwards suit!

In addition to Regina, we have three other white jumpsuits for women that can be worn all year round and even to special occasions like weddings and celebrating a 50th birthday bash.

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Woman posing wearing Ivory Sunny 2.0 Chiffon Capelet Ivory Jumpsuit from Connected Apparel

The Sunny 2.0 jumpsuit is feminine, flirty, and oh so chic.

The V-neck chiffon capelet flounce and floor length, straight leg pants make Sunny 2.0 both figure flattering and elongating.

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Woman posing wearing Ivory Sara Ivory Jumpsuit [FINAL SALE] from Connected Apparel

Sara is a timeless jumpsuit that you can wear for any season.

A chiffon cross body ruffle adds dimension and movement, taking this jumpsuit to the next level of sophistication.


Introducing Regina, the chicest jumpsuit you’ll ever meet

A chic, trendy, and easy to style white jumpsuit!

Jordan is wearing the Regina ivory jumpsuit in a size 4.

Regina is a white jumpsuit that is perfect for any occasion you may have coming up. Chic and comfortable, the Regina features a tie at the waist that accentuates your natural figure and two pockets for added practicality! Plus, don’t miss the straight legs that split in the front to give off a trendy and sexy look. Take Regina to Sunday brunch with the girls, a fancy luncheon, or even as a bridal jumpsuit for your costume change during your wedding reception!

5 tips on how to wear a jumpsuit at any age

Jumpsuits are a wardrobe staple, no matter your age!

Jumpsuits instantly declare you as a fashion-forward dresser. While some women are already die hard jumpsuit gals, some may be more timid to try this look. But rest assured, jumpsuits are versatile and trendy pieces that are simple to style and comfortable to wear.

Here are a couple of our tips to keep in mind when wearing a jumpsuit:

  1. If you are tall, select a wide-leg jumpsuit that finishes just above the ground.
  2. If you are short, choose a cropped jumpsuit style.
  3. For a formal event, pick a sleek and well-tailored special occasion jumpsuit that flatters your figure.
  4. For a cool casual look, wear a loose-fitting everyday jumpsuit that features an elastic or drawstring waist.
  5. Complete your jumpsuit look with fashionable accessories, such as jewelry and belts, or use layering pieces to add interest.

5 reasons to love jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are being worn by women everywhere for a variety of occasions.

Whether you already love wearing jumpsuits, or you don’t own one yet, check out the 5 reasons CA loves jumpsuits below and you might just be convinced!

  1. A one and done look: No need to worry about mixing and matching a top and bottom for day or night, easily slip on a jumpsuit and you’re ready to go!
  2. Provides added coverage: Jumpsuits can be styled for all seasons and since they have extra leg coverage (compared to a dress), they’re a great choice for keeping warm in the winter months!
  3. Comfortable AND chic: The best of both worlds! Fashionable and comfortable, no matter your plans, jumpsuits will keep you looking and feeling your very best.
  4. A great in-between piece: When you need an outfit that is fancier than a dress but not a gown, a jumpsuit is a great option! Plus, you can also dress them down with a denim jacket and comfortable shoes.
  5. Versatile: Style a jumpsuit for work, a night out, a casual brunch with friends, or even a special occasion. Plus, they make a great alternative for jeans!

Regina is perfect for a variety of events and occasion

Change up your look with a jumpsuit!

Jordan is wearing the Regina ivory jumpsuit in a size 4.

Having a jumpsuit in your wardrobe will allow you to always have a versatile outfit that can easily be worn for multiple occasions and events. The Regina white jumpsuit is the perfect choice because it’s a blank canvas. Pair Regina with any accessory and it will look great! Easily dress up Regina with heels and sparkling jewelry or dress her down with a sandal and casual accessories. 

How to wear Regina to work

Wear Regina to the office with confidence!

Regina is professional and classy, plus, way more unique than the normal blazer and pants. Pair with classic workwear essentials that you probably already have in your closet. A blazer, work bag, and a black heel. Complete the look with your favorite jewelry pieces and walk into the office ready for the day!

How to wear Regina to brunch

Make Regina weekend-worthy with a pop of color.

Regina is the perfect brunch look that can be made casual and chic with bold accessories. Pump up the dramatics with pops of color that will really stand out against the all white jumpsuit. A bright statement earring and matching bag will make you the best dressed woman at brunch.

How to wear Regina to your wedding rehearsal dinner

All it takes is sparkling statement accessories.

The most important thing is that you are happy, comfortable and confident, and what is better than a jumpsuit! Because Regina is all white, she’s the perfect bridal jumpsuit . When you pair her with silver and sparkling accessories your bridal jumpsuit outfit will pop! If you are getting married and want more styling advice for all things wedding, check out our bridal style guide. And if you’re not the bride but have at least one wedding invite hanging on your fridge, explore the Wedding shop for the perfect outfit. 

How to wear Regina on vacation

Pack it away and lounge around in Regina.

Explore a new city in the Regina jumpsuit and add on some bright colored pieces fit for a vacation. Sunglasses and a colorful beach bag are a must, but don’t forget the sun hat! The sleeveless silhouette and split in the front of the legs provides an airy feel perfect for walking around in the sun. Looking for more vacation ready styles? Tell us what’s on your vacation itinerary and we will pick out the perfect outfit for you!

White jumpsuits are perfect all year long

Transition seamlessly from one season to the next in Regina.

No matter the season, easily style the Regina jumpsuit to align with the weather and trends. Go with darker colors and patterns for the Winter and Fall, pastels for the Spring, and bright colors for the Summer! Regina is easy to layer on top of and also looks chic just as is. There truly is nothing you can’t do with this white jumpsuit for women!

How to wear Regina in the Spring

Embrace the season with pinks and florals.

Style Regina for the Spring with pink, pink, and even more pink! Plus, don’t forget about the florals! Throw on a cardigan for a colder Spring day or leave it off if the weather is warm! Either way, an all white jumpsuit like Regina is perfect for Spring.

How to wear Regina in the Summer

Soak up the sun with Regina. 

Regina’s sleeveless silhouette and open front legs make it the perfect jumpsuit for Summer! Pair with simple accessories, your favorite pair of sunnies, and a colorful wedge. A chic jumpsuit is perfect for Summer when you want to dress comfortably and airy while still wearing pants. So leave the jeans at home and slip on Regina!

How to wear Regina in the Fall

When the leaves are falling, slip on Regina!

Easily wear the Regina jumpsuit in the Fall and the colder months by pairing this white jumpsuit with warm and darker accessories. Throw a coat on top for added warmth and slip on closed toe flats to stay comfortable. Jumpsuits work year round, and while Regina is sleeveless, she is easy to layer on top of and will still have you looking and feeling your very best!

How to wear Regina in the Winter

Christmas, New Years Eve, and more, Regina is the perfect choice!

Stay warm in Regina during the Winter with an added coat and a close toed heel. All it takes is a few layers on top and you’re good to go! Plus, you can style Regina for New Year’s Eve with silver sparkly accessories and a white coat. 

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Shop jumpsuits perfect for all year long

A jumpsuit is universal and stylish!

Tejera is wearing the Sunny 2.0 chiffon capelet jumpsuit in a size 18W.

Jumpsuits are must-have wardrobe pieces that look good on women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Regina is a beautiful all white jumpsuit that can be taken to any occasion and throughout every season.

  • A jumpsuit is a head-to-toe outfit.
  • Regina is chic and figure flattering.
  • An all white jumpsuit offers a fresh and crisp look.
  • Regina is perfect for a variety of events and occasions.

While Regina is a stunning jumpsuit, we know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, so check out our full collection of jumpsuits to shop. 

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