1 Jumpsuit, 3 Ways: Morgan, the Perfect Summer Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is not only a fabulous alternative to a dress but, just like a dress, it can be styled to create different looks. By adding different types of accessories, you can create the perfect look for various occasions, from urban chic to professional to casual. 

Meet Morgan

The Morgan Cropped Stripe Jumpsuit is a timeless and versatile piece that you’ll get plenty of value and longevity from. This playful outfit is made from a comfortable printed stretch jersey knit and will become your favorite jumpsuit that you’ll wear again and again. Featuring a sleeveless design and a cropped wide-leg pant, The Morgan offers plenty of great style options you’ll adore. 

〚 Look 1 〛

Urban Chic

〚 Needed: 〛

                • A denim jacket
                • A pair of peep toe heels

Urban chic is all about putting contrasting types of accessories together to create a relaxed, yet fashionable ensemble. Going out for evening cocktails or on a fun date night? Pair Morgan with a denim jacket and your favorite peep toe heels to combine casual street style and a bit of flirtatiousness. 

〚 Look 2 〛

Sleek Professional

〚 Needed: 〛

                • A black blazer
                • A pair of black pumps

Want to wear a jumpsuit to work but don’t know how to make it look suitable for the office? When you pair Morgan with a simple black blazer and a pair of black dress pumps, this jumpsuit instantaneously goes from relaxed casual to put together professional. Wear this classy combo to the office and you’ll walk around feeling comfortable and confident all day, while displaying your unique style.

〚 Look 3 〛

Casual & Carefree

〚 Needed: 〛

                • A pair of strappy sandals
                • A bag that compliments, or matches, your shoes

For more relaxed days without any set appointments or events to attend, you’ll want an easy, fuss-free outfit that matches the mood of the day. The Morgan on its own is absolutely perfect for such schedule-free days. Throw on your most comfortable, stylish sandals and grab your favorite summer bag to enjoy a casual day of running errands, a lunch date with friends or window shopping downtown.  

One jumpsuit, three distinct, gorgeous looks. You really can’t go wrong with this jumpsuit! Shop The Morgan and our other stylish and versatile jumpsuits today. 

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