20 of CA's Most Iconic Styles

Have you heard? It's our 20th Birthday! All month-long we're writing articles, creating social media posts, & giving you an insider peek at our last 20 years.

Okay, we'll admit it–we're a "millenial"... Since the year 2000, Connected Apparel has created iconic outfits that have helped women of all shapes, sizes, and ages look and feel comfortable & confident. From stylish & affordable work wear dresses to sleek special occasion jumpsuits–making women feel fabulous has been our mission.

Though our selling direct to CA fans on ConnectedApparel.com just began, more than likely you've had one of our styles in your closet over the last 20 years. Prior to the launch of our site in September 2018, Connected Apparel dresses, jumpsuits, shrugs, and separates could only be found on the racks of major department stores. We won't name names, but...turkey day wouldn't be the same without one of their parades. ;)

With it being January 2020 and our 20th Birthday--we've put together a list of our 20 most iconic outfits that have made Connected Apparel what it is today. So it's okay if you didn't get us anything–instead, just give our 20 Years of CA's Most Iconic Styles article a read, below...<3

Originally started making this dress as a special occasion dress, but customers loved it so much that we decided to make a daytime version. The daytime version has three-quarter inch sleeves with a slit, while the special occasion version has long sleeves with a slit.

This silhouette has been on our line since 2008! And for good reason. It’s flirty yet modest with shirred shoulder straps and a ruched bodice.

3. Mandy

We’re all about printed mesh fabric these days. It’s your best travel companion, lightweight, doesn’t wrinkle...we could keep going.

This silhouette gives us the opportunity to play with different types of fabric in the same print. Pairing stretch knit jersey with chiffon takes things up a notch.

5. Tina

A best seller since 2013, the gentle drape neck and feminine side tucking makes Tina a go-to in your closet.

Who doesn’t love a one and done outfit? We’ve been making attached jacket dresses since 2013 and have no plans to stop.

We have over 45 versions of this print in varying colors.

A fit-and-flare is already flattering, but when you add inset vertical lines, it takes your silhouette to a whole new level.

9. Lucy

We like to think Lucy and Laney are friends. Laney’s the flirty one while Lucy’s the more grounded one with a wide band bottom.

10. Penny

Pleats please! Penny has been a staple on our line since 2012. So many of you have emailed asking for more of her and we’re here to tell you, she’s not going anywhere!

11. Brandy

We love what an asymmetrical silhouette and stripe can do for a woman’s figure. Since 2012, we’ve been finding new ways to create stripe prints that are dynamic, fun and fresh just so you can have a Brandy dress that you love.

12. Lisa

This dress has been on the line for 14 years and since its creation, we have made it in short with elbow sleeves, short daytime sleeveless, added a bar on a sleeveless to dress it up, created a long version for special occasions, added a flounce to the elbow sleeve to give it and update.

Available in 3 versions: SleevelessMid-Length Sleeve, and Flounce Mid-Length Sleeve.

Forget the entrance, she knows how to make an exit.

14. Bobbi

You’ll never need to X your fingers, hoping that you’ll look smart wearing Bobbi.

15. Gracie

Simply adding a wire bust to a sheath silhouette can take a dress from glam to absolute show stopper.

16. Sara

She’s a newer silhouette, but quickly becoming a CA staple.

17. Uptown

This is the number one selling jumpsuit we’ve ever made and continues to be a top seller for us to date. We started off making it in foil printed fabric and then have made various iterations, whether it be adding a chiffon butterfly sleeve (see Uptown 2.) or creating a daytime version from solid colored stretch jersey knit.

18. Liz

At first glance, you think Liz is a simple, flattering silhouette. But then you realize it’s a panel dress with a solid lining and you fall in love all over again.

Creating a dress pattern takes a lot of patience and expertise. Carrie is like wearable architecture and pays homage to our pattern makers’ expert draping skills.

20. Sue

As you may have noticed, we’re big fans of floral prints. But every once and awhile, we like to bring a geometric print into the mix. They’re fun, eye-catching and when used for the right silhouette, can be extremely flattering.

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