Style Guide: How to Dress for Date Night

Knowing what to wear for an upcoming date can save you a ton of stress and worry! But what if you don't know where to start? If it's the promise of something new, or the kindling of something old, our dressing how-to below will have you dressed to impress!



Whether you're sipping a beverage along to a folk guitar, or strolling the lush grounds of an arboretum...

An afternoon or early evening date requires "casual comfort." While your nerves may be tense about the night's outcome, these outfits will make sure you look anything but!

When choosing an outfit: go for flowy cuts and subdued hues to match the subtlety of this casual romance.

THE JESSIE                 THE AUBREY                    THE SUZIE                       THE MELISSA



For the more personal dater, coffee and pastries is an intimate affair, where outfits - though understated - are perhaps the most important...

Nothing sparks a romance like a soul-searching conversation. You're going to find yourself in the most up-close-and-personal encounter, and your outfit should be so comfortably cute that it's the last thing on your mind - and the first thing on theirs. 

When choosing an outfit: go for pieces that match the low-key environment. Dresses that are shift style, or fit &flare, as well as casual cropped jumpsuits will leave you feeling calm and cozy, while looking like a complete knockout.
THE ADDIE                 THE TERRI                     THE ALLY                        THE ZORA




Drinks may ease the tension, but this short encounter leaves little time to make an impression...

Libations and conversation are a staple date for many reasons. Our favorite? We can pull out our favorite pair of high heels, look like a knockout, and within hours throw them off!

When choosing an outfit: go for statement cuts and prints. Short and flirty will always be an excellent accompaniment to a classic martini or virgin margarita.
THE SUNNY                THE SARA                    THE KENNEDY                       THE CHLOE




We love our #bossbabes. But with so much power comes so little time to change...

Often our busy days don't leave us time - or availability - to swap outfits before the "big date." So the key for day-to-night lies in the style of dress, and in the choice of shoes and accessories.

When choosing an outfit: go for a classic, simple style that features an eye-catching print or design you can downplay for day and jazz up for night!

THE MANDY                THE MEGAN                   THE CASSIE                       THE OLIVIA


We hope you've reached the end of this article and let out a little sigh of relief - feeling confident and prepared for your important date! And if you're looking for even more options, check out our full line of dresses and jumpsuits here!



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