How To Style CAxLZ with Co-Creator Lawrence Zarian

We’ve been keeping a secret. Unknown to our CA family, we’ve been hard at work on our first ever limited edition collaborative collection. For over 20 years we dreamt of partnering with someone to design something truly special. And then we met Lawrence Zarian. 

You may know Lawrence Zarian (LZ) as the incredible lifestyle and fashion expert on TV shows like Hallmark’s “Home and Family” or KTLA’s annual “Oscars Red Carpet.” LZ had been championing “women of all ages, shapes, and glorious sizes” for years. And he’d always dreamt of creating his own collection that would make real women look and feel fabulous AND address what they said their wardrobe was missing. LZ is as passionate about women’s clothes as he is caring, about the woman who wears them. We knew he was the perfect fit. 

Read the full story of how team Connected Apparel fatefully met Lawrence Zarian.


CAxLZ is a limited edition separates collection that’s all about having fun and looking fabulous! These versatile, day to night separates were designed for real women to wear desk to dinner. This holiday season will look a little different. We wanted to create a collection that addressed this new way of celebrating that all women would look and FEEL comfortable and confident in. We could all use a little extra positivity and fun right now. And these pieces are guaranteed to give you just that. 

What better way to kick off CAxLZ than to learn styling tips from the pro himself? We sat down with LZ to chat about our new CAxLZ collection and get an inside look at how he chose to style the CAxLZ models. Check out all of LZ’s tips on how to style each amazing day to night piece. 

When it comes to choosing what to wear, take that one extra step and step into style. Slip on a CAxLZ separate and you’re putting on something that means something.

- Lawrence Zarian


Foxy is the perfect blend of classic elegance and everyday functionality. When it came to designing this tunic top, LZ says, “…[I was] very specific about the length of the sleeves because so many women have said over the years that they want pieces that cover their arms in a chic and unique way. The ¾ flared sleeve on our Foxy tunic top does just that.” #YoureWelcome

It doesn’t matter what bottoms you choose, the length of the Foxy tunic top will always create a longer and leaner silhouette.

- Lawrence Zarian

There are endless options to how you can style our Foxy sequin tunic top. “There are four ways I styled the Foxy tunic top to create completely unique looks,” says LZ. “The easiest and most figure flattering way is to accessorize Foxy with an obi sash or other wide statement belt to create the perfect accentuated waistline. Or if you’re having a more casual girls night in, Foxy looks fabulous with your favorite pair of comfy jeans.” Going from day to night? “Pair Foxy with the CAxLZ “Sheri” Palazzo Pant or add a little edge with a pair of luxe leggings,” LZ recommends. “‘Foxy’ will give you all the stylish FEELS!” We couldn’t agree more.

“Foxy” Silver Sequin Tunic Top with CAxLZ “Sheri” Black Palazzo Pants & Classic Black Heels

Pair the Foxy Silver Sequin Tunic Top with the CAxLZ Sheri Black Palazzo Pants for a classic and chic look. The black mesh overlay of the palazzo pants styled with the silver sequin tunic top adds beautiful movement from head to toe. This look is guaranteed to have you feeling like a glamorous and glitzy starlet!

“Foxy” Silver Sequin Tunic Top with Distressed Skinny Jeans & Nude Heels

Heading to brunch or dinner with friends? Let the CAxLZ Foxy Silver Sequin Tunic Top do all the talking. Pair this tunic top with skinny jeans and a nude heel for the perfect casual yet sophisticated look. The easy nature of a pair of jeans provides casual contrast to Foxy’s silver sequins, giving them the room they need to shine. You’ll turn heads in this trendy casual formal outfit from day to night.

“Foxy” Sequin Tunic Top with Black Pencil Skirt, Obi Sash, CAxLZ Sequin Mask & Black Stilettos

Kill it in the virtual boardroom with this Foxy workwear ensemble. Slip the Foxy Silver Sequin Tunic Top over a simple black pencil skirt. Add an obi sash or wide black belt to draw even more attention to the small of your waist. Complete your “power woman” outfit with a pair of simple black stilettos and the matching CAxLZ Sequin Mask in Silver.

“Foxy” Sequin Tunic Top with Black Pleather Pants & Black Stilettos

When you want to ditch the jeans and get a little edgy, pair the Foxy Silver Sequin Tunic Top with black pleather pants and sassy black stilettos. Faux leather pants are trending right now. And nothing is more fun than a little sparkle. Put them together and you’ve got a look that says, “I’m a risk-taking fashionista!”


There’s nothing a woman needs in her closet more than a versatile t-shirt. But who said that meant just the average, plain white tee? The CAxLZ Toni Short Sleeve Sequin Top is the perfect mix of fun and elegance. The three colors (antique gold, rose gold, and silver) make sure everyone can wear a color that suits their own personal style. And we love that it can be styled to be worn for any occasion. 

Which of LZ’s Toni Short Sleeve Sequin Top looks is your favorite?

LZ says, “Errands? Check! Pair Toni with jeans and sneakers. Date night? Also check! Give Toni a little edge with a leather jacket for the perfect, sultry date night outfit. What about dinner with the in-laws? CHECK! Make a conservative, yet impactful style statement by adding a solid color top layer that subdues. I recommend Toni’s best friend Bianca, our versatile CAxLZ Open Front Cardigan with pockets.” 

All Dressed Up

Don’t let the t-shirt style of the Toni Short Sleeve Sequin Top make you think it can’t be dressed up! We loved learning how to style Toni day to night. And with LZ’s styling tricks, you too can wear Toni to any occasion! 

“Our sweet Toni is such a good top. She’s fun, flirty, and fabulous. A wardrobe must have that you will choose to wear almost everywhere!” What’s more fun, flirty, and fabulous than a little sparkle? Check out how LZ dressed up Toni in these three fall outfits.

“Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Silver with CAxLZ “Bianca” Black Open Front Cardigan, Dark Blue Denim Jeans & Silver Heels

This is your go-to for when you want to look modern yet classic. LZ’s styling is perfect for when you’re going out to dinner with the in-laws. Pair the Toni Short Sleeve Sequin Top in silver with our CAxLZ “Bianca” Black Open Front Cardigan, dark blue denim jeans, and a pair of matching silver heels. The fabric of the sequin top will add texture and take your sophisticated cozy look to the next level.

“Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Rose Gold with Brown Leather Jacket, Dark Denim Skinny Jeans, CAxLZ Sequin Mask & Nude Heels

Meeting the ladies for dinner? Going for after work drinks? This Toni Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Rose Gold is styled with a brown leather jacket, dark denim skinny jeans, a matching CAxLZ Sequin Mask in Rose Gold and nude heels. This reserved edgier styling of Toni is posh and perfect for a variety of events.

“Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Antique Gold with Black Motorcycle Jacket, Black Leggings & Black Stilettos

Nothing is as effortlessly cool as a leather jacket paired with a sequin tee. And the Toni Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Antique Gold is a moto jacket’s perfect match. Finish off this traditionally “tough” styling with a pair of classy, feminine black stilettos for the ultimate going out look.

Keep It Casual

Being on the go doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your style. Toni is made from a stretch woven knit with sequin accents. That means this short sleeve top is comfortable enough to wear around town, and stylish enough to go from day to night. Running errands never looked so good!

“Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Silver with Denim Blue Jeans, CAxLZ Sequin Mask & White Sneakers

Instead of reaching for your everyday t-shirt in the morning, we challenge you to reach for Toni instead. Complete this easy and comfortable look with your favorite pair of denim jeans, matching CAxLZ Sequin Mask in Silver and solid white sneakers. In minutes you’ll feel comfortable, confident and ready for the busy day ahead. It might even be the simplest outfit you’ll ever put on! 

“Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Rose Gold with Dark Denim Skinny Jeans & Nude Heels

Some days you want to wear heels. In the first casual outfit we elevated simple jeans and tennies with the Toni Sequin Short Sleeve Top. So why not take it up another notch? Grab your favorite pair of darker washed jeans and blocky nude heels. Goodbye errands, hello Sunday brunch!

“Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Antique Gold with Black Leggings & Black Sneakers

Just because you want to keep it casual doesn’t mean you can’t look incredible. The Antique Gold Sequin T-shirt pairs amazingly with black skinny jeans and black sneakers. 


With versatility at the core of the CAxLZ limited edition collection, we wanted the Bianca open front cardigan to be ready to join you for any occasion. Need a place to put your phone, keys or face mask? Ask Bianca to hold them in one of her two functional pockets. Don’t feel like wearing a top? Take your obi sash or statement belt and wrap yourself up in another layer of style. Fun fact, Bianca loves to stay at home too. So whether you’re watching TV or sitting by the fire with your family, you’ll always feel amazing.

Bianca is the perfect piece that fits into your daily life. From the functional pockets to the knee length and long sleeves to the luxe fabric that skims over your body, this piece was designed for ultimate coverage and confidence.

- Lawrence Zarian

“Bianca” Black Open Front Cardigan with CAxLZ “Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Silver, Dark Blue Denim Jeans & Silver Heels

Pair Bianca with dark jeans, heels of your choice, and the CAxLZ “Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Silver for the ultimate updated casual and chic outfit. Not only will the open front cardigan provide the coziness and warmth you want, but it adds the final touch you need for this date night look. 

“Bianca” Black Open Front Cardigan with CAxLZ “Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Rose Gold, Black Pleather Pants & Black Boots

Every monochrome outfit needs a pop of color. With its open front cardigan design, Bianca keeps you feeling warm, looking fresh and lets you show off your personal style. Pair this outfit with our CAxLZ “Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Rose Gold to add a touch of femininity to this edgy look.

“Bianca” Black Open Front Cardigan with Wide Belt, CAxLZ “Sheri” Black Palazzo Pants, Statement Earrings & Heels

Talk about versatility! Not only does Bianca serve as an open front cardigan, she also makes for a sexy, chic top! Paired with our CAxLZ “Sheri” Black Palazzo Pant and tied with an obi sash, this outfit plays with movement and dimension in all the right ways.


Loved by women of all ages, and for good reason, palazzo pants are the ultimate comfy yet chic pants. Not only does our CAxLZ Sheri Palazzo Pant add beautiful movement when you walk, but they are comfortable enough to wear day or night. LZ says, “Why throw on a pair of jeans or a pair of regular pants, when you can slip on Sheri? Instant fashion.”

Say hello to Sheri. Hi Sheri!! This palazzo pant is the epitome of perfection in a wardrobe essential.

- Lawrence Zarian

Here at CA, we are all for branching out of your fashion comfort zone, and these palazzo pants are no exception. LZ agrees, and adds that, “when it comes to fashion and style, it’s always time to try something new and now is that time!” So what are you waiting for?!  

White T-Shirt, Black Motorcycle Jacket, “Sheri” Black Palazzo Pants & Black Heels

Play around with dimension and structure by adding a motorcycle jacket and over a white t-shirt with our Sheri Palazzo pant. The black mesh pants create a movement and flow that is contrasted perfectly by the structure of the motorcycle jacket.

CAxLZ “Toni” Sequin Short Sleeve Top in Silver (tied at the waist), “Sheri” Black Palazzo Pants, Wide Bangle Bracelet & Simple Black Stilettos

Add a little sparkle to your look by pairing our stretch palazzo pant with the CAxLZ “Toni” Short Sleeve Sequin Top in Silver. Tie the sequin top at your waist for updated flair and finish off your look pair with your favorite black heels.

Black Long Sleeve Turtleneck, “Sheri” Black Palazzo Pants, Chandelier Earrings & Black Boots

Elevate your basic black turtleneck by pairing it with our Sheri palazzo pants. You’ll feel classic from head to toe in this slimming and elongating duo. Add some chandelier earrings and black booties to polish off this stylish fall look. 

This collaboration with Lawrence Zarian is a labor of love with you at the center. So, whether you follow LZ’s style advice to a “T” or use this blog as a guide for how to style your CAxLZ pieces, we know you’ll look and FEEL comfortable and confident.  


Where do I find the OBI Belt I bought the Silver Sequin Tunic Top and would like to buy the belt

Helen Price December 10, 2020

Love this collection. My rose pink Toni Tee arrived, and I love it so much!

denise November 09, 2020

Where do I buy the obi. Black belt on CAXLZ Collection?

Helen Price November 02, 2020

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