Celebrating Mothers All Month With 2020 Mom

You already know this, but we wanted to remind you that Moms are amazing and always have been. Now more than ever, we’re floored by their strength, creativity and resilience as they raise their children through the COVID-19 crisis. They’re teaching, working, creating fun games and cooking all in time for bedtime. 

That’s why we’re deeming May “Mother’s Month.”

It’s not just a day anymore.

As we approach the traditional Mother’s Day holiday, we have been thinking a lot about the new and expecting moms across the nation. You don’t have to be a new mom, or a mom at all, to put yourself in their shoes just for a minute: you’re bringing—or have just brought—a new born baby into a world that looks nothing like the one you were expecting for your child. You’re over the moon in love with your baby, but you can’t help feeling frightened, anxious, and perhaps lost.

Maternal mental health disorders like postpartum depression are the #1 complication of childbirth. 

Reading heartwrenching stories about mother’s giving birth during COVID-19, we felt it was our duty to partner with an organization that is working to combat maternal mental health issues. And we were lucky enough to be introduced to 2020 Mom and their BlueDotProject. The organization is on a quest to close the gaps in maternal mental health care by:

  • Combating stigma and shame 
  • Issuing policy and systems change nationwide 
  • Providing training and tools for moms 
  • Pursuing advocacy opportunities 
  • Making recommendations to hospitals, insurers and providers.  

With every donation, 2020 Mom will be one step closer to paving a new path for solving what some have called one of the biggest public health concerns of our time: the silent maternal mental health crisis impacting up to 20% of expecting and new moms. That number was published before COVID-19. Can you imagine what the percentage is now?

So, will you join us in supporting 2020 Mom? It’s simple! During the month of May, 10% of every purchase made on ConnectedApparel.com will be donated to 2020 Mom. And if you want to help further, you can make a donation directly to 2020 Mom by adding a $1, $3 or $5 donation at checkout. 

Every dollar counts. By making your purchase and (hopefully!) additional donation, you won’t just help 2020 Mom. 

You’ll be helping new and expecting moms across the country. 

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