Editor's Picks: Dressy, Dressier & Dressiest

Dressy, Dressier, Dressiest

Fall head over heels for your next special occasion outfit!

With every invite we receive in the mail, along comes a dress code. The difference between cocktail, cocktail formal, semi-formal, and black tie can be confusing. Instead, think of dressy, dressier, and dressiest! Whether you have a cocktail party coming up, a semi-formal party, or a formal wedding, check out some of our favorite looks fit for the occasion. Also, if you want help deciphering the dress code game, check out our dress codes decoded blog

Find styles that fit the dress code:



I am going to a cocktail party and need to look my very best!

Cocktail attire is a fairly popular dress code choice. However, what exactly does it mean? To put things simply, go for knee length or midi dress with a twist. Whether it be an upscale fabric, a statement sleeve, or a unique detail, choose a dress that has a balance between chic and comfortable.



I am attending a semi-formal birthday party and want the perfect outfit for the dress code!

Semi-formal is not too fancy, not too casual, but just right. More formal than what you would wear to the office or a cocktail party but not as formal as a black tie event. A sequin lace dress or a jumpsuit with a statement sleeve is a good choice.



I got invited to a black-tie wedding and am looking for a beautiful gown!

Black tie events are as fancy as it gets! Go all out for these special events as they don’t come often. A floor length beautiful gown is a great choice. Whether it be lace, sequins, or bold detailing, make your look stand out. And always finish the outfit with sparkly, eye-catching jewelry! 

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