Editor's Pick: 5 Day-to-Night Dresses

With many of us having schedules that require going to activities or events directly from work at least once a week - if not more - it’s becoming increasingly important to have a variety of day-to-night dresses in our wardrobe. In addition to being chic, these dresses need to be comfortable and stay smooth, without wrinkling, so you won’t mind wearing them all day and into the evening.

The Connected Apparel editors have selected 5 dresses that work perfectly for different day-to-night occasions. These dresses are great to wear to work, but aren’t overly business-y, making them ideal for seamlessly transitioning to night.

1. The Annie Dress

The Annie Dress, Day-to-Night | Connected Apparel

This fashionable animal print dress is designed with a textured knit that moves with you throughout the day, providing the comfort you need and want while at work. It also features a removable tie that you can choose to leave off for a more relaxed fit during the day and then add on to accentuate your waist and add a bit more flair for the evening. Match with a large tote bag for the office and then switch over to an evening bag for any after-work events.

2. The Harlow Dress

The Harlow Dress | Connected Apparel

The Harlow Dress features a tailored silhouette that compliments a variety of body shapes and is comfortable to wear for an extended period. It pairs beautifully with a blazer, making it a great choice for those days when you have back-to-back meetings. Just remove the blazer when heading out for the evening for a dressier look.

3. The Lisa 2.0 Dress

The Lisa 2.0 Dress | Connected Apparel

This is one of our most popular and versatile dresses. Not only does it make a wonderful work dress that provides the ultimate comfort, style and flexibility, but it’s also an exceptional choice for a night party dress. In this dress, you’ll look polished at work all day and then be ready to head out to a dinner without any fuss. If you’ll be heading to a more formal affair, just change your purse and add some jewelry.

4. The Maddie Dress

The Maddie Dress | Connected Apparel

This fun trapeze paisley print dress can be styled for a variety of occasions. With an above the knee length, you can wear this dress with a light denim jacket and open-toe dress shoes during the day in the fall. In the winter, pair with tights and knee-high suede or leather black boots for an evening out.

5. The Brandy Dress

The Brandy Dress | Connected Apparel

This asymmetrical purple striped dress hugs your figure to complement your shape, delivering a crisp, clean look while simultaneously providing a very comfortable fit. The Brandy is a truly great day-to-night option, as it works well with a pair of heels and a tote bag for work and can also be dressed up with jewelry, an evening purse and a dressier shoe for a night on the town.

    With the day-to-night outfit ideas above, you’ll be prepared to go from work to a range of events, from casual and formal ones to everything in between. Add these dresses to your wardrobe for day-to-evening outfits that fit easily into your busy lifestyle and make getting dressed a lot less stressful - and more fun.


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