Forget (almost) everything you’ve heard about wedding guest dress codes.

While we won’t be encouraging you to wear white to a wedding any time soon, some rules were made to be broken.

Over the years, dressing for a wedding has definitely changed! Wearing black, bright colors, or dressing up your look with accessories is more acceptable than before. While we don’t think you should throw all of your wedding guest styling knowledge out the door, we do think that the rules have definitely loosened up. Continue reading to see which dress codes we think are total myths and which dress codes we think you should definitely continue to follow.

Dress Codes to Remember

Don’t forget ALL of the wedding dress rules!

Like mentioned before, we are not encouraging you to forget all of the wedding rules, but we are encouraging you to express yourself a little bit more when picking out your wedding guest outfits. However, we do want to reinstate some of the important rules to continue to follow, unless you are told otherwise!

First, leave the white dress at home! This is fairly obvious, but just in case… don’t be that guest. Also, leave the pearls and lace to the bride, these are popular details for a wedding dress and we never want to encourage upstaging the bride! Finally, follow the overall guidelines of the dress code. Whether it be cocktail, semi-formal, or black tie, check out our dress codes, decoded blog to decipher all of the many dress codes that might show up on those invitations!

Dress Code Myths

Let your personality shine through your wedding guest outfit with these debunked myths.

With weddings popping up constantly, finding a dress can be stressful. Plus, having to follow all of the many rules only adds on that much more stress. We have found that wedding guest dress rules have definitely loosened up over the years! Don’t forget all of the rules, but instead, show your personality and style in your formal (or non formal) outfit and show up to your next wedding feeling comfortable and confident.

Not comfortable wearing a dress? Try a jumpsuit! Have a beautiful pair of shoes you want to show off at a black tie wedding? Opt for a non full length dress. Are you really into the bright colors and bold patterns this season? Don’t be afraid to rock a bold look at your next wedding!

Myth 1: You have to wear a dress

Try a one piece wonder instead!

Terri is wearing the Uptown 2.0 black jumpsuit in a size 8.

A chic and unique alternative to dresses, jumpsuits can make a big impact on the big day. Jumpsuits with romantic details like chiffon ruffles can make a chic alternative to a dress when it comes to your next wedding! Wearing a jumpsuit will provide ultimate comfort and coverage so that you can dance the night away without fussing with your outfit. If you are looking for more styling advice on wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding, check out our blog for a few simple tips and tricks!

Myth 2: Black Tie = Gown

Show off those great shoes in a shorter style that is equally appropriate for a formal affair.

Vanessa is wearing the Lisa black lace dress in a size 16W.

Seeing “Black Tie” as the dress code on a wedding invitation can be quite intimidating. However, it doesn’t always have to be! This dress code does not mean you have to wear a full length gown, if you have a midi or mixi length dress in your wardrobe that still fits the venue, just pair it with fancier accessories and you’re good to go! While we are not encouraging you to go with the most casual dress in your wardrobe and pairing it with some rhinestone heels, we are encouraging you to use your accessories to complete a look. 

Myth 3: Bold prints are “Too much”

Pops of color and prints are everywhere this season and ‘I do’s’ are no exception.

Kristin is wearing the Sasha raglan sleeve dress in a size 14.

Bright shades and bold prints are popular trends we are continuing to see. Don’t refrain from including this style to your next wedding. There is nothing wrong with a pop of color at a wedding. As long as it does not upstage the bride, a little color at an event is always nice.

A tip to incorporating bright colors and bold prints is researching the venue of the wedding. This way, you can better understand the style of the wedding and know the limit of how much color to incorporate. Also, make sure to steer clear from the wedding colors!

Best wedding guest dresses & jumpsuits, according to you!

Shop dresses and jumpsuits for a wedding & beyond

Be the best dressed wedding guest!

Kaylyn is wearing the Mari black metallic dress in a size 8 and Vanessa is wearing the Maya metallic cape dress in a size 16W.

Show off your personality and style at your next wedding! Stress a little less with a more relaxed outlook on wedding dress codes. But before picking out your next wedding outfit, remember these few tips:

  • Dressing for a wedding has definitely changed.
  • However, don’t throw all of your wedding guest styling knowledge out the door!
  • Let your personality shine through.
  • A chic and unique alternative to dresses is jumpsuits!
  • Black tie does NOT have to equal a gown.
  • Don’t be afraid to rock a pop of color or bold print!

RSVP ‘Yes’ to your next invite and show up as the best dressed wedding guest! Check out our blog dedicated to what to wear as a wedding guest and find the perfect outfit for every and all themes and venues. Also, shop our wedding guest collection below.