The Business Woman’s Work Wear Guide

“Sorry, I can’t go to work tomorrow. I fractured my motivation.”

         This recently came across our Pinterest suggestions and it made us consider how important motivation really is to making our work lives both happy and healthy. A modern business woman’s work day is foremost determined by how you feel. And while it’s essential to set yourself up for success with a full night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast, you also want to make sure your outfit makes you feel comfortable and confident. We wanted to know how we could help make sure all of our #CAbabes found smart and stylish work wear, so we researched the top questions you had that were getting in the way:

1. What exactly is business casual? 

2. What’s on-trend for fall work wear? 

3. How can I get trendy work clothes on a budget?

We’ve put together the answers to help you look fabulous from desk to dinner and provide a little motivation to help you achieve a happier and healthier workday.



         When you search “What is business casual?” most definitions start with a version of “it’s an ambiguously defined…” So it’s not a surprise that this dress code stumps most modern business women. But finding and styling smart business casual wear is much easier than it sounds.

Business casual is where dressy and casual meet. When the term business if used in work wear it’s indicating a more formal style of dressing. So when you think about it, business casual is really just mixing up a look that includes casual and dress pieces.

Still a bit mixed up on how to create stylish work wear outfits? 

Let’s look at an example with one of our casual dresses below:

The Maggie

Floral Dress


The Gayle

Shirred Dress


The Laney

Fit-and-Flare Dress


        Specifically, let’s look at Maggie – she’s one of our favorite casual dresses because of the slip-on styling and comfy material. We can throw on a pair of knee-length boots and simply run out into a busy Fall morning. But because Maggie is less structured than a typical work dress, this dress would be a casual piece. BUT! Is we pair her with a smart pair of black pumps, a put-together low tussled bun and finish with a pair of simple post earrings, we’ve elevated Maggie from a cozy casual dress to a stylish work wear staple.

Business casual is really that simple! It’s elevating more casual pieces and embracing the comfortable side of your work day.



         Want to update your fall work wear? These two trending styles will not only keep you on the pulse of this season’s fashion, but with a few accessories you’ll master the desk to dinner ensemblé!

Move over Little Black Dress – there’s a new LKD in town. The absolute Fall workwear essential is the Little Knit Dress. It combines the versatility of the little black dress with the patterns and materials of Fall. They come in a variety of styles, patterns and silhouettes. Head over to our Little Knit Dress Collection to see all of the gotta-have-it Fall LKDs.

Want to take your work wear Little Knit Dress from day to night?

Start with one of our LKD stylist's picks:

The Casey 

 Tweed Dress


The Melanie

Knit Dress


The Erin

Textured Dress


Our recommendation? Grab the versatile grey Casey LKD and pair with your favorite jewel-tone accessories for a day-time fall work wear outfit (a set of matte ruby large post earrings and a pair of matching pointed toe heels). Then for night, accessorize with a pair of black patterned tights (hearts are a classic), a pair of black suede pumps and a matte black clutch with jeweled clasp. You’ll take your little knit work wear dress from desk to dinner!

The Alex 

Mock Vest Dress


The Effie

Two-Tone Dress


The Monica

Jacket Dress


        There’s a new all-in-one that’s trending for fall – the jacket dress. The secret is that this style incorporates the jacket look, without having multiple layers. Have you ever been sitting at your desk in a chill? You throw on your favorite sweater but then minutes later you’re already too warm. The jacket dress combines the iconic layered look with just the extra bit of warmth you crave to make your workday that much more comfortable. And if you want to look extra chic – red work wear is trending this year – so we recommend our Effie dress be the first jacket dress in your upgraded work wear collection.



          Great work wear finds are everywhere! And they don’t have to make a huge dent in your paycheck. Want to find stylish workwear for less? Here are our two favorite places we find our work wear on a budget...

1. Vintage and Secondhand Shops

You know that “impulse buy” dress hanging in your closet – the one that you won’t wear and eventually pack up with donations? Vintage and secondhand shops are sprinkled with these practically new work wear gems.

2. Our Favorite Store…Seriously!

A seasoned bargain shopper knows exactly where to head first when shopping in-store or on-line: the sale section! We’ll let you in on an industry secret… What’s labelled as “sale” doesn’t mean it’s out of style. Sale sections often contain items that couldn’t be sold because of not being widely marketed, over ordering inventory, or even items that just need to be “moved” because of impending new product. Check out just three of the cute workwear dresses and jumpsuits currently in our sale section:

The Hillary Structured Dress


The Olivia

Striped Jumpsuit


The Cassie

Denim Dress


A happier and healthier work day is an easy self-care routine and a stylish work wear outfit away. And for a final word of #bossbabe workday motivation…

"It always seems impossible until it's done."

- Nelson Mandela

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