Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Jocelyn’s Letter of Hope

What is the real value of $6 billion dollars? Picture this...Suddenly you find yourself in a jam - a crisis. And for one reason or another, the only way out is with the help of a friend or family member. For story sake, we'll go with...your Great Aunt Sue. You are in a crisis and only tough-as-nails Aunt Sue can save you. Sensing your distress, Aunt Sue does her famous parlor Houdini trick and appears. And when she does she says, "Oh dear! I'll get you out of this! There's just one thing though...I can't right now. Don't worry - I'll be back in 25 years!" And suddenly - poof! - both Sue and your hopes have vanished...

Aunt Sue represents the staggering $6 billion dollars donated each year to breast cancer research. And while this extraordinary gift is a blessing to our future generations, what about the women who are diagnosed now?

A breast cancer diagnosis takes a financial, emotional and psychological toll. And the effects on a woman's self-confidence often last long after remission. At CA, we know the power a perfect outfit can have on your optimism and outlook. So we made this part of our mission for Breast Cancer Awareness Month & partnered with iGoPink.

After announcing our iGoPink support this past week, team CA was overwhelmed when we received this letter from a cherished CA customer. We wanted to share her hope, strength, and testament to the healing powers that can come from feeling your best....

Dear Connected Apparel, 

When I saw you were supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I felt compelled to write you. As a survivor myself, I wanted to thank you for always making me feel good in what I wear, even at my lowest. When I was diagnosed seven years ago, I made the decision to continue working through chemo and radiation, which meant that I needed to dress professionally and look put together every day. I was not about to give in to cancer and putting on a Connected Apparel dress made going to work just a little easier. I never had to think twice about wearing one of your dresses. And let me tell you—when you’re going through something like breast cancer, all you want is to feel like yourself again. Your clothing had a hand in making that happen. So again, thank you for not just helping me feel positive about myself no matter what, but for making dresses for all us women at varying stages in our lives. 

In Appreciation, 

Jocelyn Lutzky


jocelyn lutzky breast cancer survivor story on the connected apparel blog

Jocelyn is a married mother and grandmother who has been teaching for over 40 years. She and her husband David currently reside in Henderson, Nevada.

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