Wedding Style Picks: Top Dresses That Will Make You the Most Stylish Guest at the Wedding

Top Dresses That Will Make You the Most Stylish Guest at the Wedding

From big-city weddings to intimate backyard ceremonies, we have just the dress.

With so many weddings postponed throughout the pandemic, Spring and Summer 2022 are expected to have a record number of weddings. Fridges have never been adorned with so many “save the dates,” and of course, this only begs one question: What do you wear? If you got lucky and there is a dress code listed on your invite, check out our style guide now for more help!

One rule we like to stick to is to never buy a piece you will only wear once. With social media, it can be a bit more difficult to re-wear the same dress to every event of the season. Instead, choose special occasion dresses that can be worn for multiple aspects of your life! Whether it can be restyled for work, weekends, or any other Spring and Summer plans you may have on your calendar.

With the many different wedding invitations we are receiving, there are bound to be an assortment of wedding types and venues. This means, many different wedding dress styles to choose from. We decided to lend a helping hand by picking out styles just right for nine different types of weddings.

What to wear for a backyard wedding

An intimate gathering with a comfy vibe.

Backyard wedding attire is most commonly defined as dressy casual. Just like an at-home dinner party feels cozier than a restaurant, a backyard wedding has a much more casual, laid back vibe. Outdoor wedding dresses for guests should include lightweight fabrics, a wide range of colors and prints and semi-formal accessories. Backyard wedding attire also aligns pretty closely with bridal shower attire, and if that is what you are looking for, shop our full collection!

Still not sure what to wear to a backyard wedding? Don’t worry! We’ve figured it out for you! Shop our top picks below.

What to wear to a rooftop wedding

Enjoy the beautiful weather away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

While the rooftop will provide beautiful sunshine during the day, once the sun goes down, the winds might start. When choosing a dress for a rooftop wedding, make sure it is a form fitting one to ensure there will be no wardrobe malfunctions. A floor length dress (with no slit) or a dress with a heavier fabric that won’t blow up with the wind if the way to go!

If you have a rooftop wedding on your calendar and you are looking for the perfect dress, shop our top picks below!

What to wear to a wedding in a park

Bold colors, pretty florals, and lightweight fabrics!

With any outdoor wedding, it is best to go with a lightweight fabric that won’t be sticking to your body all day. Also, unless you are a selected VIP who gets a front row parking space, weddings in the park usually involve a bit of walking. Choose a breathable dress that also fits in with the outdoor scenery, so bright colors and floral patterns!

If you have a wedding in the park coming up and need the perfect lightweight dress to take you to the event and throughout the rest of the season, shop our top picks below!

What to wear to a winery wedding

Speaking of champagne, there are sure to be some delicious options!

Winery weddings are becoming a popular choice and if the dress code isn’t noted, it can be a confusing venue to decipher! Most vineyard weddings are set outside because the couple wants you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the vineyard (as well as the yummy wine!) From weddings at wineries in the Spring to Fall seasons, we recommend leaning toward dressy or semi-formal attire with a touch of vineyard styles, i.e. flowy dress details and florals. One tip is to steer clear of burgundy or wine colors in case the bridal party is using the wine theme! However, if you are looking for the perfect bridal party dress, we have a whole collection with many color options to choose from!

If you are looking to be the best dressed wedding guest at a winery wedding this Spring, Summer, or Fall, shop our top picks below.

What to wear to a beach wedding

Beat the heat, but mind the dress code!

Weddings on the beach call for something much brighter, sexier, and more easy going! The energy is high, but the stress is low and that means lightweight and breezy fabrics. Also, the beach means hot weather, so while black dresses are clean and chic, leave them at home and go for a brighter color. That way you won’t end up completely over cooked!

Looking for the perfect beach wedding ready dress? Shop our top picks below!

What to wear to a church wedding

Keep it simple and sophisticated.

While churches are one of the most common ceremony venues, it can still throw guests for a loop when it comes to appropriate attire. Based on the type of church, dress codes can vary greatly. However, a neutral or simple colored dress with sophisticated accessories is a good starting base. Also, it can be a good idea to opt for a little bit more coverage by bringing along a shrug or cardigan to wear during the church ceremony.

Modest doesn’t have to mean boring! Shop our top picks for a wedding at the church below.

What to wear to a garden wedding

Every woman is a flower girl!

While a garden wedding may seem more casual, don’t be mistaken! Leave the jeans at home and instead go for a bright colored dress and floral prints! The dress code for a garden wedding usually skews more semi-formal and it is always fun to fit in with the scenery. Most of the time, you find that garden wedding guest dresses are also dresses perfect to wear in Summer. Garden wedding attire requires sweet, feminine touches that feel just as sophisticated as the setting.

You’re in luck! Our new Spring styles are the perfect garden wedding choices, and we listed our top picks below.

What to wear to a wedding in the city

Try something classic, yet memorable.

City based nuptials call for clean and simple lines and usually allow you to experiment a little bit more with your style! If you go with a simple outfit, then up the ante with the accessories, or go vice-versa! Either way, have fun with your outfit and choose a style fit for the city. Jumpsuits are a chic city wedding option and they are also perfect to take to any other city events whether it be after the wedding or another weekend!

If jumpsuits are what you are looking for, shop our full collection of jumpsuits and read the style guide on how to wear jumpsuits to a wedding! Also, shop our top jumpsuit and dress pick for a city wedding below.

What to wear to a country club wedding

When in doubt, go overdressed!

Country club wedding attire calls for a timeless look that is still on trend! If the invitation doesn’t state black tie, then we recommend leaning toward semi-formal. However, it is also safer to go overdressed rather than underdressed. A dress with an added shrug is a good way to go, keep the shrug on if the attire seems more sophisticated or take it off if it is more casual than you thought.

Whether the dress code leans semi-formal or formal, we have a top pick that you are sure to love! Shop them below.

What to wear to your own elopement

It’s the most important wedding of the entire season: yours!

Newly engaged? Congratulations! The wedding-related events are only just beginning — and may even start soon after you’ve said ‘yes!’ No matter how or where you’re celebrating your bride-to-be status, an outfit worthy of the guest of honor (YOU, of course!) is obviously in order. If you are planning to elope, go for an alternative bridal look that is chic yet comfortable.

From the engagement party until the actual wedding day, we have styles fit for the many wedding occasions you may have in order. Shop styles perfect for the bride and read our style guide to see how we would style our dresses for bridal attire. Also, check out our top picks below.

Dress codes, decoded: We’re here to demystify dress codes

Take the guesswork out of the dress code game.

Terri is wearing the Stevie champagne floral dress in a size 8, Jordan is wearing the Brandy cameo dress in a size 4, and Lene is wearing the Elsa rosewood capelet dress in a size 18W.

Parties are back and whether you’re invited to a wedding or other special soiree, you’re likely going to be asked to wear a variety of different dress codes. At some point, you’ll probably ask yourself, “What does this dress code even mean?!” We’re here to help you decode dress codes! It’s time to take the guesswork out of the dressing game so you can focus on feeling your best at any and every event this year. Check out our blog now to decode the dress code listed on that invitation you got in the mail!

Customer Favorites

Shop dresses and jumpsuits for the wedding season & beyond

Wedding season is back in full swing!

Lene is wearing the Jeanine navy chiffon dress in a size 18W, Jordan is wearing the Cora sleeveless dress in a size 4, and Karla is wearing the Gracie sequin lace dress in a size 4P.

If you’re attending a wedding this season, you will need wedding attire that not only aligns with the dress code, but also will wow everyone there! 

  • Never buy a piece you will only wear once.
  • Choose special occasion dresses that can be worn for multiple aspects of your life!
  • When in doubt, dress for the venue.
  • It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.
  • Take the guesswork out of the dress code game with our blog.

And if you are the ultimate wedding guest, AKA the Mother of the Bride or Groom, read our style guide specifically for your special role in the big day! Whether you’re the guest, in the bridal party, or the bride herself, we have styles fit for all things wedding. Check out our Wedding Shop now to find the perfect outfit. And shop best dressed wedding guest styles below.

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