5 Dresses to Go From Fall to Winter

Dresses provide an elegant look and deliver a breeziness that makes them easy to wear for any occasion - day or night, casual or formal. But what happens when the weather begins to cool off in the fall and then becomes downright cold in the winter?

If you enjoy wearing dresses and don’t want pants to be your only cold weather outfit option when the temperature begins to drop, you’ll love our dress suggestions below.

1. The Brandy Dress

The Brandy Dress | Connected Apparel

The red and black stripes of this dress are ideal colors for the fall and winter months, while the elbow sleeves provide additional coverage and warmth. When the weather really gets cold in the winter, the Brandy looks fabulous with tights and pairs nicely with a black coat. This is a great work option and can easily go from day to night to a less formal event.

2. The Gwen Dress  

The Gwen Dress | Connected Apparel

This is an ideal dress because the thickness of the fabric and the three-quarter sleeves create a cozy feel. A sweater knit dress, the Gwen works well both with and without tights, making it versatile for fall and winter. The added small “v” in the neckline shows off just the right amount of skin without compromising your warmth.

3. The Kyle Dress

The Kyle Dress | Connected Apparel

If you’re looking for a dress for fall/winter that’s a great option for work, this is the dress for you. The Kyle looks professional whether worn with or without tights and is an excellent day to night option; perfect for those days when you have to head to a dinner or event straight from the office. The weight of this textured animal print knit helps keep you warm. And while it’s figure flattering, it’s not constricting, so you won’t overheat.

4. The Maddie Dress 

The Maddie Paisely Print Dress | Connected Apparel

The colors alone on this fun dress shout fall and winter and the long sleeves with flounce detailing are great for full coverage. The Trapeze silhouette makes the Maddie super comfortable to wear, while the above the knee length makes it perfect for pairing with tights and high boots. Pair this dress with a light leather jacket in the fall and then switch to a coat in the winter.

  5. The Laney Dress

The Laney Print Dress | Connected Apparel

The Laney dress is our choice for a more relaxing day in the fall and winter when you want to look cute, but also be comfortable. Featuring a fit-and-flare silhouette, you can pair it with tights without getting too hot since the material has breathability and provides ease of movement.  

These 5 dresses are ideal for fall and can be easily styled to keep you cozy, comfortable and fashionable throughout the winter as well. Shop these dresses and explore additional ones in our collection to find outfits you’ll love to wear throughout the cold weather months.


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